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A Kiss For The Petals - Longing of an Angel

その花びらにくちづけを 天使のあこがれ

Yuri game from Yurin Yurin. The thirteenth visual novel in the A Kiss For The Petals series, it introduces the new couple of Aihara Ringo and Takao Chiaki.

Project discussion:

Download Kikiriki:

Download translation scripts and development patches:

patch.xp3 includes patched system scripts; this file is expected to remain constant. patch2.xp3 contains the novel scripts. To work on the scripts, extract Kikiriki and the above archive to your working directory, make changes in the .src files, and run Recompile.bat or run this command: kikiriki.exe -c -i scripts -o patch2.xp3


  • The heart symbol is inserted with \001. The engine handles it gracefully, so a No Hearts variant will not be necessary.
  • Additional work still needs to be done, especially word-wrapping. I will presume that a member of TLWiki will be able to address this.
  • Please ensure that your text editor can read and write UTF-16 LE files and that the scripts are saved as such, or the program will cause errors.
  • Take care not to modify any of the script commands or to include the <file> tags in your local copies of the scripts.
  • Do not use # to insert comments as these are used by the engine for script commands. Use ; or // instead.

s001 s002 s003 s004 s005 s006 s007 s008 s009 s010 s011 s012 s013 s014 s015 s016 s017 s018 s019 s020 s021 s022

Chiaki-Ringo Theater

その花びらにくちづけを ちありん劇場

A mini drama series released on YouTube on 24 May 2013 ahead of Longing of an Angel. Its format is similar to Risa-Miya Theater, but no details regarding its canonicity and its release schedule relative to Longing of an Angel (including number of episodes) are known at this time.

Official Yurin Yurin Youtube channel:

Project discussion:

ep01 ep02 ep03 ep041) ep052) ep063) ep07 ep08 ep09 ep104)

1) , 3) Transcription: Kuma Ichigo Translation: Ralen
2) , 4) Transcription and Translation: Ralen
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