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A Kiss for the Petals - Maidens of Michael

Notice (1 October 2014): Changes to this translation now require prior approval. See the project discussion thread for details:

その花びらにくちづけを ミカエルの乙女たち

Yuri game from Yurin Yurin, a successor company of doujin circle Fuguriya. Maidens of Michael is the 11th game in A Kiss for the Petals series, featuring the new couple Azumi Risa x Ayase Miya, as well as all other characters in the previous games. Official website:

Translated scripts in bold.

Project discussion:

The below scripts require this special build of ArcTool:

Note the different value for the word wrap in the first line.

Download all unedited scripts in one file:

Note: The scripts themselves are not clearly demarcated as to where routes begin and end. The divisions below are approximations and may not be accurate.

Common Route

s001 s002 s003 s004 s005 s006 s007 s008 s009 s010 s011 s012 s013 s014 s015 s016 s017 s018 s019 s020 s021 s022 s023 s024 s025 s026

On the first playthrough, only the Risa/Miya route can be selected, and only the best ending is possible. After completing the story once, a branch becomes available at s024 which allows the reader to choose one of six routes (note that this branch becomes available even if using save files created during the first playthrough). Any wrong decisions made prior to this branch affect only the Risa/Miya route (the sixth option) which will result in the first midway end at s030. If all correct decisions have been made, the Risa/Miya route will continue, and any wrong decisions made after this point will result in the second midway end at s044.

Risa/Miya Route

s027 s028 s029 s030 s031 s032 s033 s034 s035 s036 s037 s038 s039 s040 s041 s042 s043 s044 s045 s046 s047 s048 s049 s050

Nanami/Yuuna Route

s051 s052 s053 s054 s055 s056 s057 s058 s059 s060 s061 s062 s063 s064

Kaede/Sara Route

s065 s066 s067 s068 s069 s070 s071 s072 s073 s074 s075 s076 s077 s078

Mai/Reo Route

s079 s080 s081 s082 s083 s084 s085 s086 s087 s088 s089 s090 s091 s092

Shizuku/Eris Route

s093 s094 s095 s096 s097 s098 s099 s100 s101 s102 s103 s104 s105 s106

Takako/Runa Route

s107 s108 s109 s110 s111 s112 s113 s114 s115 s116 s117 s118 s119 s120

Risa-Miya Theater

その花びらにくちづけを りさみや劇場

A mini drama series released by Yurin Yurin on Youtube starting from 9 November 2012, ahead of the release of Maidens of Michael visual novel. The story is not related to Maidens of Michael. Episode 1-5 take place before the visual novel’s story and episode 6-10 take place after its ending.

Official Yurin Yurin Youtube channel:

Project discussion:

The below are Japanese transcription of each episode. Note: Do not insert line breaks in the translation. Aegisub inserts line breaks automatically.

ep01 1) ep02 2) ep03 ep04 ep05 ep06 3) ep07 ep08 ep09 ep10 4)

1) Translation: KumaIchigo and Saluki. Editing: Saluki and Ralen
2) Translation: Saluki Checking: KumaIchigo Editing: Ralen
3) Translation: Ralen Checking: KumaIchigo Editing: Ralen
4) Translation: KumaIchigo
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