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Project thread:

The script is nearly entirely dialogue. The story is divided into five parts of ten scripts each.

Translated script in bold.

s001 s002 s003 s004 s005 s006 s007 s008 s009 s010

s011 s012 s013 s014 s015 s016 s017 s018 s019 s020

s021 s022 s023 s024 s025 s026 s027 s028 s029 s030

s031 s032 s033 s034 s035 s036 s037 s038 s039 s040

s041 s042 s043 s044 s045 s046 s047 s048 s049 s050

Xdelta Minipatch (scripts, tags, and choices ONLY, tested on DLSite English version)

Light Novel (ODT format ONLY)

Tags, choices, a few cleaned images

Translation notes, links, walkthrough (SPOILERS): readme


A YouTube series released in 2012 to promote Hanahira.

Project thread:

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