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Haa… I'm so~ tired…


Being a nurse takes more physical effort than I thought…


Changing diapers, and adjusting the patients' positions to prevent bedsores,


helping them move to the X-ray rooms or consulting rooms,


there's more cases where we have to move patients around than I would have guessed…


Plus, there was tons of paperwork to fill out


which I wasn't used to, so it really wore me out…


In the afternoon I got to work together with Nagisa-senpia, but


she wasn't very used to teaching either


so our teamwork was a little awkward.


Well, it may be tough right now, but I'm sure later


I'll be able to look back with a smile and say


'Yeah, I guess there were times like that'.


Yep, I'm sure that day will come.


And for that cause


I need to do my best now!










Someone hugged me from behind.


I, I'm still in my underwear!!


Is it a p, pervert!?




“Oh come on~, it's me

[026] 沢井ったら、驚きすぎー!」

Jeez Sawai, you're such a spaz!”


I looked back


and sure enough, the one hugging me


was Nagisa-senpai.








who obviously didn't feel tired from all the work,


grinned playfully at me.


And she had already changed into her casual clothes!


That was fast!!





[039] 沢井のこのふわふわの感触……、

Sawai, this soft, plushy feeling…

[040] もしかして胸が大きくなった?」

did your chest get bigger?”




Nagisa-senpai had a tight hold


on my b, breasts…!




“W-w-w-what are you doing!?”




“What am I doing?

[048] 沢井の成長を確かめてるだけよ?」

I'm just checking to see how much you've grown”


She squeezed me even tighter.




“Or did you want me to touch them minus the bra?”




“Wha… this is sexual harassment, senpai!”




“Don't you fret little lady.

[056] へるもんじゃないしー!」

It ain't such a big deal~!”




“Your breath tickles~!”




“But still,

[061] 沢井はホント成長したわねー、胸が。

Sawai you really have grown~, in the chest region I mean.

[062] ふぅってしちゃう、ふ〜」

They're huuuuuge, huuuu~”


Sh, she's blowing on my neck~!!





[066] くすぐったいー!」

It tickles~!”





[069] 沢井ったら相変わらず

Sawai you're as fun to tease

[070] からかうと面白いー!」

as ever~!”




“Leave me alone!”




“Ah, sorry about today.

[075] あたし、仕事を誰かに教えるのって

I'm not really used to teaching anyone else

[076] 全然慣れてなくてーって謝りたかったんだけどね」

how to work here, so I just wanted to apologize”




“I was almost thinking 'What's gonna

[079] このままどうなっちゃうの!?

happen to us!?' in the ward there

[080] って思っちゃった。てへ」

for a second. Tehe”




“Jeez, Nagisa-senpai that's not the sort

[083] なぎさ先輩ったら」

of thing you should laugh about”




“But… it's good we made it through alright.

[086] てか、いい加減、離れてください」

Actually, could you let go of me already?”




“Yeah, I agree.

[089] 無事に終わって良かったって」

It's great that we made it through okay”


So you're just going to forget about the


'let go of me' part, Nagisa-senpai…?




“That said,

[094] あたしのオゴリでいいから、

want to go out for a drink?

[095] 一緒に飲も?」

It'll be my treat”




“Wha- we're drinking again today!?”




“Today I'll be careful to not go overboard

[100] 気をつけるからさ。

like I did last night.

[101] お詫びも兼ねて……ね?」

I already apologized for all that… Alright?”






If Nagisa-senpai says


that she's not going to overdo it again


it should be alright, right?




“For a newbie you've got a lot of nerve

[109] 二日目からギリギリなんて

showing up just on the nick of time

[110] いい度胸ね」

on your second day”




“Haven't you heard of the 'five minutes early' rule?

[113] 慣れない内は手が遅いから、

Since you're still learning it takes time for you to get things done

[114] 早めに来るのが相手への気遣いよね」

so getting here earlier shows consideration for your colleagues”




“Besides, the start time for your shift doesn't take into account the morning meeting time.

[117] あなたは来てすぐに、仕事が始められるほど

Are you such a splendid nurse already, that you can go right to work

[118] 有能な看護師なのかしら?」

as soon as you walk in the door?”


Tomorrow as long as I take care


I should be able to show up on time


and not get chewed out by the Charge Nurse,


so it should be alright!


Plus… I am feeling a little like having a drink.


Okay, recreation is important too, after all!




“I guess.

[127] じゃ、飲みましょう、

Okay, let's go get a drink,

[128] なぎさ先輩のオゴリで!」

on Nagisa-senpai's tab, of course!”




“Okay, leave it to me~!”




“So, Sawai…

[133] いつまで下着姿でいんの?」

how long you gonna sit around in your undies?”






At Nagisa-senpai's words


I came to my senses.


I was still in my underwear


being hugged from behind…!!




“…Kya, kyaaan!”


… so anyway,


to do some drinking back at my apartment


we swung by the convenience store to buy a few things.


It's a little far away, but


apparently it was opened pretty recently


so it's super clean.


I heard the place used to be


a liquor store until just last year.


But it got picked up by a franchise


and was reborn as a convenience store.


Until then this city hadn't had a convenience store,


so the only choices were to go all the way to the other side of the nearest train station


or do without.


Well, we are out in the sticks after all.


That was just the way things were.


Plus the old liquor place used to be closed nights


plus days off, so this new place is more convenient


for folks like us with weird break schedules.


Maybe we could call it destiny


that this place opened up


right before we got hired here!


Here's hoping our relationship with this place is a long, long one.




“Jeez Nagisa,

[166] ちょっと買いすぎじゃないですかー?」

isn't this a little overkill?”




“Aww, it's fine.

[169] あたしのお金でしょ」

I'm paying, aren't I?”




“But it's so heavy~.

[172] こんなに一度に買い込まなくても〜」

You didn't have to buy all this at once~”




“Oh lighten up~!

[175] あ、あまった分は

Ah, and we'll just leave whatever's left

[176] 沢井の部屋に置いといてね!」

in your room, okay?”




“Jeez, cut me some slack

[179] なぎさ先輩ったら」



We shared a smile,


heading for the elevator, when suddenly…










“Evening, Chief~”




“G, good evening”




“Good evening.

[191] 終業後もふたりは一緒なのね、

I see you two are sticking together after work as well.

[192] 仲良しさんでうらやましいわ」

It's good to have close friends.”




The chief's casual clothing makes her look so mature…




“Ehehe, she said we're close friends”



[198]「あ、あの! あたしたち、これから

“Uh, um! We're just headed up to

[199] 沢井の部屋で飲むんですけど、

Sawai's place to do some drinking.

[200] 主任さんも一緒にどうですか?」

Want to come up for a round?”


Eh… Nagisa-senpai


are you seriously just inviting the chief to drink with us out of nowhere?






… uuu,


chief, when you stare at me like that…


I suddenly start feeling kind of…




“Thank you for the invitation.

[210] でも、今回はやめておくわ」

But I'll pass for tonight.”




“Ah, sorry to hear that.”


W, wait,


did the chief say no because


I was making a weird face? Can't be, right?


Can't be.




“I've got a few things to do tonight.

[219] 持ち帰りの仕事もあるし」

Not to mention some work I'm taking home.”




“Aw, bummer.

[222] たまには主任さんの酔ったところ、

I want to see what the chief is like when she's drunk

[223] 見てみたいです……」





“Haha, maybe one of these days.

[226] また明日」

I'll see you two tomorrow.”




“Yep, see you tomorrow!”




“E, excuse us”


Huh, isn't the chief


going to use the elevator?





[235] またフラれちゃったなー」

shot down again, huh”




Did she just say 'again'?




See, the chief

[240] ちょっと人付き合い悪いところあるから

she's always got an excuse

[241] いろいろ口実つけて誘うんだけどね」

so I always try to invite her out, even if it's for nothing.“


Nagisa-senpai gave a wry smile


as she pushed the elevator button.




“She's never said yes, not even once.

[246] 飲みニケーションすれば

I figure if we could just bond over a few cold ones

[247] もうちょっと仲良くなれそうなんだけどなー」

we would get along a lot better.”




“So do you like the chief,

[250] 主任さんが好きなんですか?」



I was a little surprised when that left my mouth.


That was probably a little to straight of a question.




“Like? I guess…

[255] 憧れ……かな」

more like I look up to her… or something like that.”


With a shy little smile,


Nagisa-senpai gazed off into the distance.




“Even though she's always thinking about us,

[260] あたしたちには気を遣わせないのよね」

it's like she doesn't want us worrying about her”




“At first I had a little trouble approaching her at all,

[263] 一緒に仕事してる内に、

but after working with her for a while,

[264] 本当は不器用な人なんだなーってわかったの」

I realized she might just be a little clumsy with social stuff”




“I think she has a really kind heart,

[267] 主任って肩書きがあるから、

but since she's gotta be the chief she has to be kind of strict you know?

[268] その優しさを表に出さないようにしてる感じ?」

So she has to put on a bit of a gruff front, I guess?”




“Don't you think that's kind of sad?

[271] だから、仕事が終わったら

Anyway, that's why once work is over

[272] 親しげに話しかけるようにしてるんだけど……」

I try and just chat casually with her whenever I can, but…”




“I guess it might be since I'm still just a green 2nd year,

[275] 主任さんが求めるだけの仕事ができないからかな、

I can't really do anything to impress the chief,

[276] ちゃんと相手にしてもらえないの」

so it's hard to chat casually with her”


As if to dismiss the depressing mood of her words,


Nagisa-senpai raised her face.




“Well, come on Sawai!

[281] そんな辛気臭い顔しないの」

Wipe that gloomy look off your face”




If I can help make Nagisa-senpai's


burden a little more light, then…!





[287] 今日は飲みましょう!」

Let's do some drinking tonight!”


I shot her a smile while


unlocking my front door,


and Nagisa-senpai returned it with a grin of her own.




“Oh, you said it Sawai~!”




“I sure did!

[295] 今日は飲みます!

Today I'm going all out!

[296] なぎさ先輩も飲みましょう!」

So you'd better keep up, Nagisa-senpai!”


Nagisa-senpai gave a little,


satisfied laugh.




“Well, considering your last few mornings

[301] 主任さんに叱られない程度に、ね」

let's just make sure you don't get chewed out by the chief again tomorrow”




“But I was seriously freaking out there today~”




“I know~.

[306] ナースコールって怖いですよねー」

The nurse call is kinda scary, isn't it?”




“That was your bad, Sawai.

[309] 302で鳴ってたのに

The call came from 302,

[310] 間違えて301って言うなんて!」

but you said it was from 301!”




“But it was actually good that I mixed them up wasn't it?

[313] 網野さん、ベッドから落ちそうになってたし」

Amino-san was just about to fall off that bed”




“Well, that's true.

[316] 落ちなくて済んで良かったけどね、

It's good we got there in time, but

[317] 302の太田井さんが可哀想でしょ」

don't you feel bad for Ootai-san in 302?”




“I did feel really bad for making them wait but…

[320] でも、その後のは

But after that,

[321] なぎさ先輩が悪いんじゃないですかー」

that was all your fault Nagisa-senpai”








“When Ootai-san was there throwing up

[326] 何もしなかったじゃないですかー」

you didn't even make a move to help”




“Oh come on!

[329] あたし、嘔吐介助はどうしても苦手で……」

Vomit is my weakness, you know…”




“Even so…”




“If I touch the stuff I end up barfing myself!

[334] どーすんのよ、あたしのゲロで

What are you gonna do then, if I start barfing too,

[335] 患者さんが更にもらいゲロしたら!」

and then THEY start barfing cuz' I barfed?




“Ahh, what're you gonna do?

[338] お互いのゲロにもらいゲロ!

The nurse is barfing, the patient's barfing…

[339] ゲロ三昧!!」

It's vomit-nirvana!!”





are you drunk already…?




“Alright enough enough!

[345] この話はナシ!」

Let's change the subject!”




Yeah, I'd agree that we shouldn't be talking about vomit


while we're drinking.




“When a patient vomits, you check the amount

[351] あとは本人のバイタル

and characteristics,

[352] チェックするべし!」

then check their vitals!”




”… which you totally failed to do”




“Aww c'mon, give me a break!

[357] 反省してるから、言わないでー!!」

I'm seriously regretting it now, so let's drop it!!”


Oh Nagisa-senpai.


I actually felt lucky,


ending up in the same workplace as Nagisa-senpai


so I could see a side of her I never had before.




“Ahh, alright alright.

[364] 飲みましょうねー」

Let's get drinking then”




“Anyway, next time I'll leave the

[367] 沢井に任せた!」

vomit-duty to you, Sawai!”




“Oh come on~”




“Ahh… good grief,

[372] 飲んじゃったわねー」

I drank a ton~”




“You sure did, sister”




“I'm gonna leave the leftover booze with you buuuut,

[377] 勝手に飲んじゃだめよ〜?」

don't go drinking any by yourself, kay~?”




“I~m no~t gonna~”




“Good girl, good girl,

[382] いい子ね〜、沢井〜」

you're such a good girl Sawai~”




grabbed me in a tight hug


and started stroking my head.


Nagisa-senpai always had been


big on skinship.




“Well, we've got the day shift tomorrow again,

[390] 今日はそろそろ帰るわね〜」

so we should probably call it a night”





[393] もう帰っちゃうんですか〜?」

you're already heading back?”




“Moderation in all things, you know?

[396] 次回ご期待ください、で

Let's just leave the continuation

[397] 終わらせるのがいいのよね〜」

for next time, shall we?”




“Plus I don't want the chief on my case again!

[400] そろそろ使える子だって

I want her to start seeing me

[401] 評価されたい〜」

as someone she can depend on”




“Aww, I want that too you know~!”


I thought it would be wonderful


for that strict chief to say I was


someone she could depend on.




“And with that, I'll see you tomorrow~!”




“Alright~, see you~”






I suddenly noticed


the chaos we had left my room in.






I'm supposed to clean all this up


by myself…?


There's no way~!


Nagisa-senpai, get back here!!
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