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I can hear a noise from somewhere…


This sound…


The sound of my alarm clock…?








“Oh no, I slept in!!”




“I-I need to get dressed!

[010] てか、その前に顔洗わなきゃ!」

No wait, I should wash my face first!”


I hurry over to the bathroom


and wash my face in a panic…


Ahhh jeez, there's no way


I'll have time to eat breakfast!


The Chief told me to start using makeup,


but in the morning rush, especially on a day I slept in,


there's absolutely no way I'll have time!


Ahhh, gotta change gotta change…


I'll just have to go out in my uniform again.


The hospital is nearby after all!


Ahh, but if I get caught,


the Chief will give me another lecture saying,


“What do you think we have a locker room for!” or something like that.




Changing from my pajamas to my casual clothes,


then again into my uniform


would be a huge waste of time and effort!


But, there was no way a newbie like me


could call something my senpais had been doing forever


'a waste of time and effort'.


…Come to think of it,


I wonder if Nagisa-senpai woke up on time…?




“Huh, kyoeeee!?

[035] もうこんな時間!!」

It's this late already!!”




“See you la-… wait, before that.”


A photograph of my family.


Everyone is smiling brightly.




“I'm pretty sure my real work starts today,

[042] わたし、頑張るからね!」

but I'm going to do my best!”


Okay, time to roll out!




“See you later!”


… and, well, like that


I dashed into the locker room,


got all changed in a panic and rushed over to the nurses' office, but…








The Charge Nurse is glaring at me~!!


She's so scary…!!




“You've got guts, new girl,

[056] 二日目からギリギリなんて

rushing in here at the last minute

[057] いい度胸ね」

on your second day of work”




“I'm sorry!

[060] 申し訳ありません!」

My apologies!”




“It's fine saying you're sorry, but do you understand

[063] ギリギリの何が悪いのかわかってるの?」

what's wrong with showing up barely on time like this?






Isn't it the same as why


you shouldn't show up late?




“I think… it's because it's wrong

[070] 悪いことだから……です」

to not stick to your appointed schedule”






Eh, she sighed!?


Did I say something wrong!?




“If you came here thinking you were still a student,

[077] 今すぐ白衣を脱いで、帰りなさい」

then take off your white uniform right now, and leave”




“Even though you are a newcomer, as long as you're wearing that uniform

[080] 患者さんはあなたを

the patients will think of you as a

[081] プロの看護師だと思うのよ」

professional nurse when they see you”




“If you're even a single minute late,

[084] わたしたちはあなたを待たなければいけない」

we are forced to wait for you”




“And, depending on circumstances

[087] 先に来ている誰かが

someone else will have to fill

[088] あなたの穴を埋めなきゃいけない」

your absence until you arrive”




“And while they are filling in for you

[091] その人は本来の担当の患者さんの元へ行く時間が

it means they will be late in attending to those patients

[092] 遅くなってしまうわ」

they should have been seeing in that time”




“The end result of your action is that a patient

[095] いる患者さんを待たせることになるのよ。

who wants care as fast as we can provide it,

[096] それがわかっているの?」

will be forced to wait, even if it is only for a single minute. Understand?”






I had never considered


that my being late would force


patients to wait for their care…




“Haven't you heard that you should be five minutes early?

[104] 慣れない内は手が遅いから、

Especially while you're still not used to work here,

[105] 早めに来るのが相手への気遣いよね」

coming early shows consideration for those around you”




”…I'm sorry…“




“Besides, the start of your shift is not preparation time.

[110] あなたは来てすぐに、仕事が始められるほど

Are you such an excellent nurse you can show up

[111] 有能な看護師なのかしら?」

and start working as soon as you walk in the door?”




”…I'm sorry…“




“If you understand that you're already going to be

[116] 自覚があるのなら、その分、

a burden to everyone, isn't it logical

[117] 早く出勤してくるのが筋だと思わない?」

to think that you should show up a little early?”


【Nurse Manager】


“Now now, Otsuka-san,

[120] その辺でいいでしょう?」

how about we leave it at that for now?”




“But manager!

[123] こういう教育は、その場できっちりと

It's necessary to deliver this kind of training

[124] 指導する必要があります!」

right after the infraction has occurred!”


【Nurse Manager】



[127] あなたはどうしてギリギリになったの?

Why were you only barely on time today?

[128] ギリギリでもいいと思ったの?」

Did you think that was alright to do?”


Of course I didn't think that!


But, I also hadn't thought to come early


like the Charge Nurse said I should…




“I'm really sorry…

[134] 看護師になれたことに浮かれていて、

I was so caught up thinking about how I'd become a nurse,

[135] まったく気が回っていませんでした……」

that I lost sight of the important details…”


【Nurse Manager】


“I see.

[138] では、明日からは

Well then, starting tomorrow

[139] ちゃんと時間に余裕を持って来られるわね?」

you will make sure to come with time to spare, won't you?






I nodded firmly.


【Nurse Manager】


“There, now that Sawai-san has given us her word

[145] 今日のところは許してあげて?」

we'll forgive her for today, won't we?”




“And, at any rate, it's already time

[148] もう始まってしまってますしね!」

for the change-of-shift report!”




”… of course.

[151] では、申し送りを始めます。

Well then, let's begin the change-of-shift report.

[152] おはようございます」

Good morning”




“Good morning”


Ah… Nagisa-senpai


really is here on time…


Even though she was that drunk last night,


she got up on time, put on make-up


and showed up with time to spare. She's amazing.


I hope some day I can be a nurse like Nagisa-senpai,


and have a kouhai that thinks I'm amazing too.


【Nurse A】


“310, Wakamoto-san, no abnormalities.

[164] 312、龍角さん、異常ありません。

312, Ryuukaku-san, no abnormalities.

[165] 以上です」

That is all”




“Then that concludes the morning change-of-shift report”


The Charge Nurse


shot me a glance.


Eh, is she going to say something to me again?




“… and with that, though this introduction's a little late,

[173] 昨日から入った新人の沢井さんです。

starting yesterday we have a new nurse, Sawai-san.

[174] みんなでフォローしてあげてください」

Everyone please give her your support”


Oh I see… the night nurses this morning


are different from the ones who I met yesterday.


And I missed out on last night's change-of-shift report,


because I was filling out paperwork in the Nurse Manager's office,


so this was my first time meeting these night nurses.




“Um, I'm Sawai Kaori.

[182] 頑張りますので、よろしくお願いします!」

I'll do my best, so please look after me!”


【Nurse B】


“Right back at ya~”


【Nurse A】


“We don't expect you to be perfect right from the start,

[187] 肩の力を抜いて頑張ってね」

so relax a little and just do your best”


The two night nurses


greeted me in turn.


And they were very kind, too.


… when I was still a student, the nurses at the hospital


where I was doing my internship always just ignored me of course,


so I had started to feel like all nurses are scary, but


I think the nurses here are all pretty wonderful.


Or is it just that, now that I'm not a student


it was only natural for them to greet me kindly as a comrade?




“Alright, night-shifters, good work.

[199] 日勤さんは少し残ってください」

Day-shifters, please remain here for a bit”


【Nurse B】


“Okay, thanks for your hard work~”


The night shift nurses


took their bags from the break room in the back,


and went on their way.


The only ones left in the office


were those of us on the day shift.




“Starting today Sawai-san will be joining you on your rounds in the ward.

[209] 新人なのでいろいろやらかすと思うけど、

Since she's new I'd like you to give her the chance to try doing various things,

[210] フォローをお願いします」

but please keep an eye on her”








“Don't grin like that, you were in her place not too long ago”




“Sawai-san, I understand that it's your first day

[217] 初日だから大変だと思うけど、

so things will be difficult for you but,

[218] 頑張ってください」

please do your best”


The Charge Nurse


told me to do my best…


That same Charge Nurse…




“Of course!

[224] 頑張ります!」

I'll do my best!”




“Good answer”




The Charge Nurse smiled!


I thought she was always upset,


but even she knows how to smile…


F, for some reason, I'm really touched…!!






Huh, did she just look upset for a second…?


Don't tell me she could tell


I was thinking


'oh so this person does know how to smile.'


Couldn't be.


Anyway, that aside,


I feel lucky, having seen something as


rare as the Charge Nurse's smile this early in the morning




“Nice work, Sawai”






Without me noticing Nagisa-senpai snuck over beside me


and gave me a slap on the back.




“You were lucky to get that short of a sermon

[250] ラッキーだったね」

from Charge Nurse-san, huh”


That short?


I was pretty sure it had been quite long,


but she's saying 'that short'…?




“Eh… are they normally

[256] 長いんですか?」

longer than that?”




“Since you weren't actually late it

[259] あれだけで済んだけど、

only lasted that long for you, but when I was late

[260] あたしが遅刻した時は居残りで説教だったよ」

I had to stay overtime just to hear the whole thing”






She had to work overtime just to get lectured…!?


Especially if the one doing the lecturing was the Charge Nurse!


Th, that's just too terrifying!!




“But, Nagisa-senpai, you're amazing!

[268] 昨日の夜、すごく酔っ払ってたのに、

You were so drunk last night,

[269] ちゃんと時間通りに来てるんですね!」

but you managed to come on time today anyway!”




“Heh, well of course!

[272] もう二年目ですから!」

It's already my second year here after all!”




“Ha! Trying to sound cool

[275] ドすっぴんで頭ボサボサで来たクセに」

even though you showed up with your hair messy and no make-up on”








“Don't let her fool ya,

[280] この子、寝起きみたいなナリでやって来て、

this girl showed up looking like she just woke up,

[281] ソコで身支度整えてたんよ?」

and fixed herself up over there, ya see?”


Yamanouchi-san indicated the break room in the back with her chin.








“Even though it turned out

[287] 自慢できるようなことじゃない……と

alright in the end, I don't think it's something

[288] 思うねんけどなぁ〜?」

I'd boast about… do you~?”












Nagisa-senpai looks really downhearted.


Well, that's understandable,


if someone exposed me like that


I think I'd start crying.


At a time like this I should


find some way to support her…!


But still, getting here before me is still amazing!


But still, I'm glad I could learn about Nagisa-senpai's true colors!




“But still, you're amazing!

[304] わたしよりも先に起きられたって

After all, you still managed to beat

[305] ことだから」

me here”




“And I'm always going without make-up.

[308] 身支度らしい身支度なんてないし」

I don't having any 'fixing up' I could do, even if I wanted”




“And still I barely showed up on time,

[311] なぎさ先輩がすごいことには

so the fact that Nagisa-senpai is amazing

[312] 変わりありません!」

doesn't change a bit!”




“Sa, Sawai…”




“You keep saying 'amazing amazing' over and over,

[317] 全然すごくないからね?」

but there's really nothing amazing about her”




“Even without being a nurse,

[320] 看護師として以前に、

getting to work on time is something

[321] 社会人として、当然だからね?」

any member of society should do naturally, isn't it?”




“But… it kinda makes me happy.

[324] なぎさ先輩もたまには寝坊するんだって思うと、

Knowing that sometimes Nagisa-senpai sleeps in too,

[325] わたし、ちょっとホッとしました」

makes me feel a little relieved”





[328] これからも一緒に頑張りましょうね!」

let's do our best together from here on!”




“Eh… ah, yeah…”




“Was that supposed to cheer her up?”




“Are you ladies done chatting yet?”




I completely forgot the Charge Nurse was here!!




“I, I'm sorry!”




“You haven't really done anything

[341] 謝る必要はないわよ」

you need to apologize for”




“Actually it's the fact that

[344] 何もしてない、っていうのが

you're spending work time not doing anything, period,

[345] 問題なのだけれど」

that is the problem”






“And it's not like you can fix everything by apologizing constantly”








Uuuu… Charge Nurse-san,


do you hate me…?




“Chief, if you keep laying it on so thick,

[356] この子、辞めちゃいますよ〜?

this girl's probably gonna resign, you know?

[357] 最近の子は根性ないから」

Kids these days are weak”




“I'm not laying anything on.

[360] わたしは事実を言っただけ」

I'm just telling her how things are”




“… but saying that won't get us anywhere.

[363] 残ってもらったのは、

The reason I asked you to stay,

[364] 沢井さんのこれからのことです」

was to discuss Sawai-san's future”






M, my what!?


'My future', you mean…


Are you going to say that if I mess up just once


I'm gonna get instantly fired or something?


Wh, what should I do…


… It could be,


that on my second day of work


I may be forced to hand in my resignation…




“What kind of face is that?

[377] あなたに指導者をつけるという話よ、

I just meant we need to talk about who is going to be your preceptor,

[378] 不安がる必要はないわ」

there's no need to look that worried”





[381] 指導者?」





“Under the preceptor system,

[384] 新人にマンツーマンで指導者をつける制度よ」

new nurses are supervised man-to-man by a preceptor”




“The new hire is the preceptee,

[387] 指導者をプリセプターというの」

and the supervisor is the preceptor”




“If the preceptee has any problems,

[390] 仕事のことだけでなく、

or worries, whether private or work-related,

[391] プライベートのことも相談に乗ってあげるのよ」

they can discuss them with the preceptor”


… ohh, so that's the kind of system they have here…


Hey wait, that means someone's taking me on!


I wonder who would be chosen


to be my preceptor.


It would be great if it was Nagisa-senpai.


And since I'm familiar with Yamanouchi-san she would be fine too,


but if it was someone who didn't come today I'd be a little scared…




“… so, with that,

[401] 沢井さんと仲良しらしい藤沢さん、

since you seem to get along with Sawai,

[402] プリセプターよろしく」

I will call you to be her preceptor, Fujisawa”




“Huh… ah, of course!

[405] 頑張ります!」

I'll do my best!”


Wahh, it's Nagisa-senpai!





[409] よろしくお願いします!」

I look forward to working with you!”




“Same here!”




“Well then, I will need time to explain

[414] プリセプターの指導要綱を教えるから、

the preceptor guidelines to Fujisawa-san,

[415] 沢井さんは山之内さんとおむつ交換に回って」

so for now you will accompany Yamanouchi-san changing diapers”








“Come on, pick up your feet

[420] 置いてくよー」

or I'll leave you behind~”





[423] 待ってくださいー!」

wait for me~!”
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