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[003] つっかれたーーー!!」

I'm sooo tired~~~!!”


Once I was in my room I dove right onto my bed!


Ahh, my fluffy bed feels so good right now…




It might just be because it was my first day, but I really was worn out.


I'm pretty sure I'm running on empty.


Ahh, but I can't just go to sleep like this either…


I slowly pulled myself off of the bed.


Then, I changed into my pajamas


and sat down, lost in thought.


After that, the Chief had taken me


to the Nurse Manager's room, but…


I had no idea


I'd have to fill out


so many documents!!


No one told me that I'd not only be filling out


paperwork all morning, but that it would take


most of the afternoon as well~.


And the Chief, even though she was supposed to be guiding me,


suddenly says “I have things to take care of in the ward,” with


a completely emotionless expression and just takes off.


Around lunch time, it was nice that the Nurse Manager let me return


to the ward for a bit, but…


I didn't realize that


our hospital doesn't have a staff cafeteria,


so I hadn't brought a lunch with me.


Once I realized there was no cafeteria,


I figured I'd just pick up something from the Hospital shop,


but we don't have one of those either!


I knew there was a convenience store


about 15 minutes from the hospital but…


Going there and back would be tough.


I mean, I just felt like it'd be bad


going out shopping wearing my white uniform.


So I changed into my casual clothes in the locker room,


made the 30 minute round trip to shop,


came back, and changed again in the locker room, then…


Should I take my lunch and go outside,


or should I stay in the hospital to eat?


Uuu, this decision could change everything. (TN: Literally 'this could be an ultimate decision' -Clay)


Seeing me about to start crying,


Nagisa-senpai offered to share her


lunch with me, but…




“It's all your fault, Chief.

[048] 更衣室のことも、事務長室に行くことも、

I mean, she didn't tell you about the locker rooms, the Nurse Manager's office

[049] 新人への伝達事項の伝達具合がほぼゼロって」

or really any of the new person stuff did she?”




“… Fine, I understand.

[052] 出前、取ってあげるわ」

I'll order some take-out for her”




“Ehh~, no fair getting take-out for just Sawai,

[055] あたしも出前がいいなー!」

order some for me too~!”








“…Okay, my bad.

[060] 持参のお弁当で我慢します」

I'll just make do with my own lunch”




“Saying that kind of

[063] 無茶しやがって……」

nonsense to the Chief…”


So with that, I was treated to take-out sushi.


However, I was so nervous at being treated to sushi


by the Charge Nurse on my first day, that I didn't really feel like eating it…


Then, as soon as lunch break was over,


the Chief said she had work,


so I'd have to go alone to the Nurse Manager's office again.


So I went, but they started talking about direct deposit for my salary


so they told me to take out my personal seal and bank book


but of course I hadn't heard anything so I hadn't brought them,


so I had to rush home and get them and it was just a huge pain.






Just now, did someone


knock on my door…?


But, who?


I heard this apartment


was leased for hospital workers,


so mostly just the staff lives here.


Who would come visit a newbie like me


on my very first day here?


Could it be my family?


Hmm, but it was still too soon for my parents


or little sister to be visiting.


C-Could it be… a ghost!?




“…No way, right?”


A ghost.


There was no way it could be something as unscientific as that, right?


Plenty of people die in hospitals


so obviously this job has its share of ghost stories


but there was no way a ghost would be


haunting these staff apartments, right…?


No way, no way!


There's no way something


that unscientific can exist!


I'm sure it's just the tension


from my first day of work getting to me.


I'm so tense that it's causing,


some kind of mixed signal in my brain,


and I'm having auditory or visual hallucinations or something…






I did hear it after all!


Wh-Wh-Wh-What should I do,


it's too scary facing this alone!




“Hey come on~!

[111] 早く開けてよー!」

Open up already~!”




This familiar voice…


For a ghost's voice,


I swear I've heard it somewhere before…




“I know you're in there!

[118] 居留守使ってないで

So stop pretending you aren't there

[119] 早く開けなさーい!」

and open up~!”




“That voice… is that Nagisa-senpai?!”


Of course.


Ghosts and those kinds of


supernatural things don't exist after all!


Why on Earth did I just assume


it was a ghost like an idiot?


I guess I was just that tired.





[130] 遅くなっちゃって」

Sorry for making you wait.”




“Jeez, you took forever!

[133] さっさと開けなさいよ、もぉ〜!」

Hurry and open the door quicker next time, sheesh~!”


Seeing Nagisa-senpai's face


was a huge relief.


Right, just as I suspected.


Ghosts really don't exist.


Setting that aside… good grief Nagisa-senpai…




“What? Why are you giving me that look?




“Well, come on Nagisa-senpai… walking around in your pajamas like that…

[143] いくら病院が借り上げたマンションだからって

Even if this place is just leased for us staff members,

[144] それって……」

that's still…”




“No problem, don't you worry!

[147] うちのオートロック、結構万能だから!」

The auto-lock on this place is invincible!”




“Besides, even if this is the legendary dorm

[150] 百合ヶ浜総合病院職員寮だっていっても、

full of beautiful nurses from Yurigahama Hospital

[151] こんな田舎じゃ、ねぇ……」

in a rural place like this, well…”




“If there was anyone suspicious around, they'd stick out like a sore thumb.

[154] だから、大丈夫! 夜になると、

So don't worry! At night time,

[155] みんなパジャマでウロウロしてるわよ?」

we all just wander around in our pajamas.” (TN: The question mark here is used to show a change in vocal tone, not a question. It doesn't translate into English so I'm leaving it out. -Clay)


I-Is that really true…?


But I had heard that things were different in the country side.


So that must be it, of course!


Wait, so does that mean


that right now we're going to celebrate meeting after high school graduation


with a pajama party?!






“Well, that being said,

[165] イイモノ持ってきてあげたわよ!」

I brought you some good stuff for tonight!”





[168] いいもの……?」

'Good stuff'…?”




“First is good thing number one.

[171] 寮に届いていた荷物!」

Your luggage that arrived!”




“Hey, did you read all the stuff in the apartment handbook?

[174] 名札のところに札かかってたら

If there's a note on your nameplate,

[175] 荷物アリ、って意味なのよ?」

it means stuff has arrived for you, got it?”


There was a big cardboard box


at Nagisa-senpai's feet.


It was the daily necessities I had sent from home.


If I didn't have them, it wouldn't be too bad right now,


but in the long run things would get difficult.


There were things like a pot and frying pan,


as well as my clothes for different seasons.




“Ah, sorr-… wait no,

[185] すみません!」

I'm sorry!”




“Oho, looks like you've taken the Chief's instructions to heart~,

[188] エライエライ」

that's my girl.”




“She's pretty picky,

[191] 筋は通ってる人だから

but she knows her stuff,

[192] 言うこと聞いてるといいことあると思うよ」

so I think it's good for you to listen to her.”


To think I'd be able to hear


Nagisa-senpai's insider tips here!




“Yes, I'll definitely do that”




“That's my girl. Good girl”


To have Nagisa-senpai


petting my head like this…


It was like I had returned


to my high school days.




“So anyway, I brought

[205] 持ってきてあげたから!」

this luggage up for you!”




“Sorr-… I'm sorry and

[208] ありがとうございます」

thanks so much.”




“It's okay if you wait 'til tomorrow,

[211] 管理人さんにもあいさつしておくのよ?」

but make sure to go say hi the landlady too okay?”




“She doesn't live here, but she's from a residence management company

[214] お掃除とか荷受けとかの対応してくれるから」

and she cleans and takes packages for people, so you'll be relying on her for those things.




“Ah, okay.

[217] 会ったら、あいさつしますね」

If I see her, I'll say hi”




“Okay then, good thing number two!

[220] じゃーん!」





took out something she'd been hiding behind her back.


A bag from a convenience store…?




“Oh come on, what's with that lame reaction!

[226] 沢井の歓迎会やったげる、って

I told you I wanted to throw you

[227] 言ってるんでしょ!」

a welcome party, didn't I!”








“I brought some snacks and beer

[232] 再会を祝して、飲も?」

to celebrate our reunion. Want a drink?”


Nagisa-senpai was grinning from ear-to-ear.


Ahh, it really does feel like I've


gone back to my high school days.


Back then,


we'd sneak some juice and snacks


into the Student Council room and eat them together, just like this…




“What, how come you went all quiet?

[241] つか、あたしはいつまで

And just how long are you going to make me

[242] こんな所につっ立っていればいいのかな〜?」

stand out here anyway~?”




“Ah, sorr-… I'm sorry!”

[245] 上がってください、嬉しいです!」

Please come in. I'm so happy!”




“Alright, excuse the intrusion~!”




“Sit wherever you like.”




“Alright, I will.”


Ahh, talking with her casually like this


feels so nice…




“Alrighty then, here Sawai, you take a beer too.

[256] 飲めないわけじゃないんでしょ?」

You do drink, don't you?”




“Huh, oh, yes.

[259] 看護学校の友達とかと

I drank all the time with

[260] よく飲んでたので……」

my nursing school friends…”




“That's what I thought~.

[263] イイコトもワルイコトも

Whether good or bad,

[264] 学校で覚えるんだよねー!」

school's where all the memories are~!”




“Okay then,

[267] 再会を祝して、カンパーイ!」

to our reunion, kanpa~i!”


I'm so happy…


I can't believe I was reunited with Nagisa-senpai like this.


And we're even in the same apartment now…




“And for the chance to work together with Nagisa-senpai,

[273] カンパーイ!」





“Aww, you're just trying to

[276] 言ってくれるじゃないの、もうもう〜!」

sweeten me up aren't you, c'mere you~!”




pulled me into a tight embrace.




“Oh come on, Nagisa-senpai.

[281] もう酔っ払ってるんですか?」

Are you already drunk?”


















Oh good grief, what am I going to do with her!




“Hey Nagisa-senpai, come on!

[293] 寝たフリしてないで

Don't pretend to fall asleep on me

[294] 離れてくださいってば」

and let go already.”




“Nagisa-senpai has already fallen asleep.

[297] 起きてほしければ、

If you wish to wake her,

[298] 王子様のキスを要求します」

only the prince's kiss will do.”






Was she drunk after all?


Did she drink a whole bunch


before she even got here?




“This is a girls' apartment,

[306] 王子様なんていません」

so there aren't any princes around.”




“Then a Sawai will do.

[309] 眠り姫を起こすにはキスするのが一番だって

Don't the stories always say a kiss is best

[310] 童話でも言われてるじゃない?」

for waking up a sleeping princess?”




”…Well you're not really sleeping

[313] 眠り姫でもないでしょう?」

and you aren't exactly Sleeping Beauty, right?“




“And it's nonsense to mix up real people

[316] ナンセンスです」

with things that happen in fairy tales.”




“Uwah, listen to you!

[319] 相変わらず可愛くないこと言うのね、もうっ!」

Your way of putting this is as un-cute as ever, jeez!”




“And your reasoning is

[322] 相変わらず穴だらけです」

as full of holes as ever.”


We faced off for a few moments.


Nagisa-senpai with her frown.


And me with my mock frown.


We then set aside the beers we were holding at the same time…




“Ahhhn Sawai, you know,

[329] 本当にぜんっぜん変わってないのねぇ!」

you haven't changed a bit!”


Nagisa-senpai hugged me.




“You haven't changed either, Nagisa-senpai!”


I hugged her back, just as tightly.


That's right… Nagisa-senpai


had always been this kind of senpai.


She could do anything she wanted, but was still so good-humored.


In my first year of high school, I had become class representative on a whim,


and my homeroom teacher had told me


that I should help out on the student council.


At that time, Nagisa-senpai was the newly-elected student council president,


and she was just in the middle of


taking over all the work left by the old third-year president.


Even though she was so busy herself,


she took the time to teach me since I had come to help


the student council later than everyone else.


In the end, I spent the rest of the entire school year


helping out the student council.


And Nagisa-senpai and I became


a famous duo in the student council


from that day on.


In those days, Nagisa-senpai


was great at studying and sports.


She was the idol that all the students looked up to. (TN: Literally 'the flower on the mountain peak everyone looked up to' -Clay)


And that same Nagisa-senpai, who everyone looked up to,


was always extra kind to me, and only me.


Sometimes she would tease me,


but that was just because she


trusted in me and knew I could take it.


Today, after such a long time,


I was able to meet


and hang out with Nagisa-senpai


who hadn't changed a bit since those days.


Ahh, I can't say enough thanks


for being reunited with Nagisa-senpai here…




“One more time, kanpai!”




“Alright, alright, we can kanpai

[369] いくらでもしてあげるわよ〜」

as many times as you want~.”




“After you graduated,

[372] 何度かメール出したんですよ?

I sent you tons of texts, you know? (TN: In Japanese me-ru=text even though you would think it means mail)

[373] でも、すぐに届かなくなって……」

But not long after that, you stopped getting them…”




“Ah… yeah, sorry about that.

[376] うちの学校、めっちゃ厳しくてさ」

My school was super strict”




“And right after I started there,

[379] ケータイ、水ポチャしちゃって、

I dropped my cell in the water,

[380] みんなの連絡先がわからなくなったの」

so I lost everyone's addresses.”




“After I got home, I thought I'd send letters to everyone, but

[383] 何だかんだ忙しくて、

I just got so busy,

[384] そのままになっちゃってた……ごめんね」

and it just ended up like this… Sorry.”




“Well, I was like that too…”




At first,

[389] なぎさ先輩の薄情者って思ってたけど、

I thought you were so cold,

[390] 看護学校に入学してわかったんです」

but after I started nursing school, I understood.”




“Nursing school is so full of studying,

[393] テストと実習だらけで忙しすぎて、

testing and practical exams,

[394] 自分ってものがなくなってしまいそうでした」

that you almost forget who you are with how busy things can get.” (alternate: that you almost forget you exist with how busy you are)




“Nursing school's really the ultimate form

[397] 看護学校ってのは」

of cram school, after all.”




“With that said, congratulations on graduating,

[400] 一ヶ月ほど遅れちゃったけど」

though I'm about a month late.”




“You too, congratulations

[403] おめでとうございます。

on passing the state medical exam,

[404] 一年ほど遅れちゃったけど」

though I'm about a year late.”




“Jeez, you're pretty cheeky

[407] 沢井のクセに」

for a Sawai, aren't you?”


Senpai laughed softly.




“…To think we'd be able to meet

[411] 会えるなんてね……。

like this, huh…

[412] で、沢井はどこの学校卒だったの?」

Anyway, what school did you graduate from, Sawai?”




“Tsubomigasaki. (TN: Need to check voice for this line to make sure it's right -Clay)

[415] 蕾ヶ崎高等看護学院」

Tsubomigasaki Advanced Nursing Institute.” (TN: Ditto -Clay)




“That's local, isn't it?”




“Yeah, I didn't really want to move out of town.

[420] なぎさ先輩は……帝都看護、でしたよね?」

Nagisa-senpai… you went to one in Tokyo right?” (TN: Literally 'in the imperial capital' but we all know what city that is)





[423] こんな機会じゃないと

I told myself if I didn't take this opportunity,

[424] 東京暮らしはできないって思って」

I'd never get a chance to live in Tokyo.”


That's true…


In high school, senpai was the ideal student


and was looked up to for both her academic and athletic abilities. (Idiom, lit: Skilled in both literary and military arts. -Clay)


Yurigahara was just too small for someone like her.


Even if she did return home eventually,


to go to Tokyo and get a top of the line education


were opportunities I always thought suited Nagisa-senpai perfectly


in those days.


I really had wanted to follow her in college, but


I was just too scared to leave my hometown…


So instead, I had always thought


that it would be so amazing


if Nagisa-senpai would come home


and if we could work together someday.


But I never thought


my wish would be granted this quickly…




“But after having been to Tokyo,

[443] やっぱり地元がいいなって思ったから

I thought our hometown was pretty nice after all,

[444] こうして戻ってきたの」

so I came back.”




“Thank you very much

[447] ありがとうございます」

for coming back.”




“To my decisiveness last year, kanpai.”




“Oh jeez, Nagisa-senpai.”





[454] あたしが地元に戻る決心をしたから

it's all thanks to my decision to come home

[455] こうして再会できたんでしょー?」

that we could meet like this, isn't it?”




“That's true, but…!

[458] なんか、違う〜!」

It doesn't mean you can toast it like that~!”




“Oh cmon now…

[461] スルメ食べる?」

How about some snacks?”








“And anywaaay~,

[466] 主任さんには要注意なのれす〜」

you need t'be careful with Chief~.”




“…Senpai, you're drinking too much.

[469] もう五本空けてるじゃないですか」

You've already gone through five cans.”


Nagisa-senpai was already


pretty much drunk.


…I mean,


her drinking habits are horrible!




“It's your party~!

[476] これが酔っ払わずにいらりょーかぁ!

Can't stay sober fer that, can I?

[477] ああん、沢井〜!」

Ahhhn, Sawai~!”




“Ah, okay okay, but

[480] わたしのお祝いなんだから、

it is my party after all,

[481] わたしの言うことも聞いてくださいってば」

so you should listen to what I say.”




“You're cheeky for a Sawaiii!”




“Nagisa-senpai, we have to work tomorrow, you know?

[486] 飲みすぎると、明日が辛いですよ?」

If you drink too much, it's going to be tough for you.”




“Oh come on, live for today! (Idiom, lit: Today's pleasure over tomorrow's pain. -Clay)

[489] 楽あれば苦あり〜ぃ!」

Ev'ry rose has its thorn!” (Idiom, lit: Where there is pleasure there is pain. -Clay)




“I don't understand a thing you're saying”





[494] そんなに言うなら、

If you're going to say that much,

[495] 酔い覚ましのスポーツドリンク持って来ーい!」

why don't you grab me some sports drinks to kick the hangover!” (TN: Pro medical tip - Hangovers are caused by dehydration. Hydrating yourself with water or sports drinks can prevent it from happening. The. More. You. Know~)




“There aren't any.”




“What? How come!”




“Forget sports drinks,

[502] 今、冷蔵庫はほとんど空っぽなんです、

I don't have anything in my fridge right now.

[503] 引っ越してきたばっかなんですから」

I did just move here, you know.”




“Then you can just go buy some~!

[506] ねぇ、かおりちゃーん、

Cmon, Kaori-cha~n.

[507] 可愛い先輩のために買ってきて〜?」

You'll buy some for your cute senpai, won't you~?”




“I don't mind if it's just some from the vending machine on the first floor.

[510] ワガママ言わないから、ね?

I won't say anything selfish, okay?

[511] お・ね・が・い」







Though she said she wouldn't say anything selfish,


I'm pretty sure the request itself was plenty selfish.




“…Oh fine!

[518] 買ってきます、

I'll buy some.

[519] 買ってくればいいんでしょ」

If I do that, you'll be happy, right?”




“Waaai, Nagisa-chan

[522] かおりちゃんが大好きですぅー!」

looooves Kaori-chan~!”


Nagisa-senpai grabbed me in a tight hug.


…Good grief, you're such a kid sometimes. (TN: The idiomatic meaning of the word 'genkin' is someone who changes personality radically in different situations. Thus the intelligent and skilled Nagisa sometimes acts like a mischievous child. -Clay)




“Well, I guess I'm going then,

[527] おとなしく待っててくださいね?」

so stay here and be good, okay?”




“Okay, I'll be waiting~!”


…From the way she's acting, it's hard to tell


which one of us here is the senpai.


Even though I was giving a bitter smile,


I was really truly happy


to be spoiling the unrestrained Nagisa-senpai like this.


I guess I just love spoiling people.




Maybe I'm just a natural big-sister type. (Lit: 'oldest sister predisposition'… I assume this means she feels like a big sister that loves to spoil her little sisters. - Clay)
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