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Today's my first day of work!


The walk from the dorm is about five minutes.


This is the hospital I'll be working at.


Yurigahama General Hospital.


At this hospital, there is a surgical department, an internal medicine department, and a recovery ward.


I'll be working in the internal medicine department.


Thanks to my training in nursing school, I already have some experience with patients,


but nursing as a student while studying,


and being employed as a registered nurse


are completely different.


I have to do my best!


――The futures and lives of your patients


and their families depend entirely


on your judgment and actions.


My teacher at nursing school would say this at every opportunity…


Not even two weeks have passed since I graduated,


but somehow it feels like I've come a long way.


I met a variety of people at school.


I wonder what kind of encounters I'll have at this hospital.










I was so startled,


I had reflexively crouched down on the spot.





[028] 相変わらずねぇ!」

 You sure haven't changed!”




“Wh-Wh-What, what?!”


The person who had surprised me from behind


holds her stomach as she laughs hysterically.




…I think I remember her…?


Could it be…!






We were on the student council together in high school.


Is she really Fujisawa… Nagisa-senpai…!?




“It's been a while, Sawai!”




“Uwa-, I can't believe it,

[044] 本当になぎさ先輩ですか!?」

 is it really you Nagisa-senpai!?”




“Such a moving reunion, huh?

[047] でも沢井、ちょっと驚きすぎじゃない?」

 But Sawai, aren't you a little too surprised?”




she's smiling sarcastically though being so critical.


It's definitely Nagisa-senpai!


I haven't seen her since…


the day she graduated high school…


I suppose?


Uwa-, uwa-,


I can't believe it, it's too nostalgic!




“I'm glad you're happy to see me again,

[058] なんでこんなところで白衣着てるの?」

 but, why are you wearing a white gown in a place like this?”





[061] なんで、って……」

 Why, you ask…”




“Newcomers head to the manager's room,

[064] 更衣室のロッカーの鍵を渡されて、そこで着替えて

 get a key to a locker in the locker room, change their clothes there,

[065] 配属先に行く……って聞いてない?」

 and then go to where they're assigned… Didn't they tell you?”






My eyes widened.


I didn't hear anything about that…


All they told me was which department I was assigned to,


and when my first day was…





[074] まぁ、ウチの主任さん、たまに抜けてるから、

 Well, the supervisor sometimes misses thing,

[075] 連絡ミスなのかもね」

 so it might have been a miscommunication.”




“Ah, haa… I see.”


The nurses' dorm I moved into was near the hospital


so I thought for sure we would change there…


Come to think of it, the people I passed by on the street


might have been glancing at me…


…Kind of embarrassing… I guess.


…Wait, isn't Nagisa-senpai


way too well-informed about internal matters?


Come to think of it, didn't she enter a nursing school


in Tokyo after she graduated from high school?


…Which means…?




“Did you perhaps graduate from

[090] 看護学校を卒業してから……」

 the nursing school and…?”





[093] 去年から、ここの内科病棟にいるよ」

 I've been in the internal medicine department here since last year.”




“Not as a patient, right?”




“Rrh, geez!”








“Of course not!

[102] ちゃんと看護師として働いてますー!」

 I'm working as a nurse!”




Nagisa-senpai hasn't changed.


I was kind of happy that the flick to the forehead


she punished me with still had the same strength


as in our high school days.


It really takes me back.





[111] こうして沢井にデコピンするのも久しぶりね」

 it's been a long time since I flicked Sawai's forehead like that.”




“I was also just thinking that it's been a long time since

[114] 久しぶりだなぁって思ってたところです」

 Nagisa-senpai flicked my forehead.”




“Unspoken communication!

[117] あたしたち、また良いコンビになれそう!」

 I bet we'll make a great pair again!”


A great pair, huh…


Now that I think about it,


a lot happened during our time in high school.


My memories of Nagisa-senpai


are all related to the student council.


Nagisa-senpai was the admired student council president.


I just happened to enter the student council,


but I gradually


came to love Nagisa-senpai.


I worked hard to help out in various ways


for Nagisa-senpai.


But, within my memories,


I feel like the times when I made little mistakes


and amazed Nagisa-senpai


stood out more than the times I did well.


Like that time when I sneezed


while we were tallying a survey,


making a mess of the ballots


we had finished sorting.


Or when during a serious meeting,


my stomach rumbled loudly,


spoiling the tense mood.


At those time she would say, “Geez!”


and flick my forehead with her finger.


Sometimes, she would get her finger


ready for a time-delayed attack.


I'd shut my eyes to prepare,


and when the pain didn't come


I'd timidly open them…


At that moment,


snap, it would hit.


…It would hurt,


but Nagisa-senpai would laugh, “Unpreparedness is your greatest enemy!”


Uwa, it really takes me back…


At any rate,


my forehead throbbed.


Maybe because it's been so long,






“But, I'm not sure your flick

[158] こんなに強くなかったかも!」

  used to be this strong!”





[161] そうだったかしら?」






[164] まだじんじん痛いです」

 It still stings.”





[167] 沢井とながらく会えずにさみしがってた

 is the manifestation of “love” from me, being lonely

[168] あたしの『愛』のあらわれなのよ、きっと」

 after going so long without seeing you, I'm sure.”




“I don't need that kind of love.”




“Nma, you're being unexpectedly bold~!”




“That deserves some punishment!”






Nagisa-senpai circled around me


and tickled my sides.




“Ahyaa, ahya, ahahaha…!

[181] なぎさ先輩、やめて、ひゃ、ひゃめて〜」

 Nagisa-senpai, stop, st-, stop~”





[184] ごめんなさい、なぎさ先輩って

 I'll stop when you say

[185] 言ったらやめてあげるわ」

  'I'm sorry, Nagisa-senpai'”.





[188] 何でわたしが謝る……あひゃひゃ」

 why do I have to apologize… Ahyahya.”




“Didn't I used to say that

[191] お仕置きだって昔から言ってるでしょ」

bold kids will get punished?”




“I never heard you say that~!

[194] てか、ギブギブ!」

 Alright, I give up!”




“You're going to make me split my side

[197] おなか、よじれちゃう〜!

 on my first day of work!

[198] あはははは!」







Nagisa-senpai suddenly let me go


and looked at her wristwatch.





[205] やだ、もうこんな時間!?」

 Oh no, it's already this late?!








“I lost track of time reminiscing!

[210] 遅刻したらまた主任に怒られちゃう!」

 If I'm late, I'll be in trouble with the supervisor again!”




“Anyway, we'll continue later!

[213] あたしは更衣室で着替えてくるから!

 I'm going to get changed in the locker room!

[214] じゃあね!」






[217] あ、はい!」

 Ah, okay!”


Nagisa-senpai left in a rush,


waving back at me.








I was left standing here by myself.




Where should I go first?




”…Mmm… What should I do?“


I think I can figure things out if I go inside the hospital for now.
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