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White Robe Love Syndrome


Yuri game from CyberFront, developed by Kogado Studio. The story follows Sawai Kaori who almost died in a traffic accident at the age of 10 but was revived by hospital staff. Ever since then, Kaori became determined to take up ‘nursing’ as her means of saying thanks to the doctors who rescued her. And so at the age of 21, she begins her journey as a nurse… See VNDB.

More information from Aaeru's review.

Project discussion: here.

The scripts are freely available for anyone to translate.

Common Words Translation List

Special Words Translation List 1)

Translated scripts are in bold.

scr00000 scr00001 2)

scr00101 scr00102 scr00103 3) scr00104 scr00105 scr00106 scr00107 scr00108 scr00109 scr00110 scr00111 scr00112 scr00113 scr00114 scr00115 4) scr00116 5) scr00117 6) scr00118 scr00119 7)

scr00201 scr00202 scr00203 scr00204 scr00205 scr00206 scr00207 scr00208 scr00209 scr00210 scr00211 scr00212 scr00213 scr00214 scr00215 scr00216 scr00217 scr00218 scr00219 scr00220 scr00221 scr00222 scr00223 scr00224 scr00225 scr00226 scr00227 scr00228 scr00229 scr00230

scr00301 scr00302 scr00303 scr00304 scr00305 scr00306 scr00307 scr00308 scr00309 scr00310 scr00311 scr00312 scr00313 scr00314 scr00315 scr00316 scr00317 scr00318 scr00319

scr00401 scr00402 scr00403 scr00404 scr00405 scr00406 scr00407 scr00408 scr00409 scr00410 scr00411 scr00413 scr00414 8) scr00415 scr00416 scr00417 scr00418 scr00419 scr00420 scr00421 scr00422 scr00423 scr00424 scr00425 scr00426 scr00427 scr00428

scr00501 scr00502 scr00503 scr00504 scr00505 scr00506 scr00507 scr00508 scr00509 scr00510 scr00511 scr00512 scr00513 scr00514 scr00515 scr00516 scr00517 scr00518 scr00519 scr00520 scr00598

scr00601 scr00602 scr00603 scr00604 scr00605 scr00606 scr00607 scr00608 scr00609 scr00610 scr00611 scr00612 scr00613 scr00614 scr00615 scr00616 scr00617 scr00699

scr00701 scr00702 scr00703 scr00704 scr00705 scr00706 scr00711 scr00712 scr00721 scr00731 scr00741 scr00751 scr00752 scr00753 scr00754 scr00755

scr00801 scr00802 scr00803 scr00804 scr00805 scr00806 scr00811 scr00812 scr00821 scr00831 scr00851 scr00852 scr00853 scr00854 scr00855

scr00901 scr00902 scr00903 scr00904 scr00905 scr00906 scr00911 scr00912 scr00921 scr00931 scr00941 scr00951 scr00952 scr00953 scr00954 scr00955

scr01001 scr01002 scr01003 scr01004 scr01005 scr01011 scr01012 scr01021 scr01031 scr01041 scr01042

scr01101 scr01102 scr01103 scr01104 scr01105 scr01111 scr01121 scr01131 scr01141

scr01201 scr01202 scr01203 scr01204 scr01205 scr01211 scr01212 scr01221 scr01231 scr01241

scr65532 scr65533 scr65534 scr65535

1) Partially translated by b3flocca
2) Partially translated by Anonymous
3) Translated by Anonymous
4) Translated by ClaymoreSmiley
5) Partially translated by Billybob300c
6) , 7) , 8) Translated by Billybob300c
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