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[Anri] オールCGコンプリート!おめでとー

All CGs have been gathered! Congratulations~

[Anri] って……

Which is to say…



[Coe] へへーン、丸見えー丸見えー。

Hehe, I can see it all.

[Anri] コホン。さて、キミはこのゲームを完璧に制覇したよ。おめでとう!

Ahem. Then, you've completely conquered this game. Congratulations!

[Tenkyouin] さ、杏里。最後のおつとめだ。

Then, Anri. This is the last task.

[Anri] うん……。


[Anri] さあ、もうしばらくのお付き合いを!最後にボクたちからのご挨拶!

Please stick with us a little while longer! Finally, our farewells!

[Soyeon] カムサハムニダ! ありがとう。あたし達、皆さんのことを忘れません!絶対、絶対忘れません!

Gamsahabnida [Thank you] ! Thank you. Don't forget about all of us! Never, never forget!

[Alma] そして、わたし達と共に送った愛の日々を忘れないで下さい。

And please don't forget the days of love you spent together with us.

[Aisha] 暗闇に沈んだ私に救いの手をありがとう。杏里と貴方に敬意と感謝と幸せを……。

For reaching your hand of salvation to us, who were submerged in the darkness, thank you. May our respect, thanks, and happiness always be with Anri and you…

[Anri] ありがとう、さあ、ヒロイン達に拍手を!

Thank you. Then, a round of applause for the heroines!

[Rachel] あら、あたしにも何か言わせてくれるの……?

My, would you like me to say something too…?

[Rachel] 美少女、大好きっ!

I love beautiful girls!

[Anri] んー。さあ、犯人さんにもちょーっとだけ拍手!

Mmm. Then, just a little bit of applause for the criminal!
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