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[Anri] かなえさん、いるー?

Kanae-san, you home–?

[Narration] 呼び鈴を押しながらインターホンに呼びかける。鍵が開いているのはすぐ気がついたので、杏里は返事を待たずにノブに手をかけた。

She called out on the intercom as she rang the bell. Noticing that the door was unlocked, she turned the knob without waiting for a reply.

[Tenkyouin] そろそろ来る頃だと思ってたよ。

I thought you'd be coming to see me soon.

[Narration] 天京院鼎

Tenkyouin Kanae

[Narration] 杏里の先輩にして、肉体関係を伴わない唯一の友人。

Anri's senpai, and the only friend she has that she doesn't have a sexual relationship with.

[Narration] 学園随一の天才で、その思考と行動は常に紙一重だが、不思議に杏里と気が合うらしい。

The school's greatest genius, and strangely enough, she and Anri seem to get along well, even though they've always been somewhat disparate in their thinking and behavior.

[Anri] やあ、かなえさん。

Hey, Kanae-san.

[Narration] 孤独を好む天京院鼎の自室には、在室時でもたいてい鍵がかかっている。

Tenkyouin Kanae prefered the isolation of her own room, and usually kept the door locked.

[Narration] しかし不思議なことに、杏里が訪ねてきたときだけは、留守でもない限り、鍵は常にかかっていなかった。

But, the strange thing was that whenever Anri came to visit, unless Tenkyouin was out, the door was always unlocked.

[Narration] 以前、それを不思議に思った杏里が天京院に尋ねたことがあるが、答えは不敵な笑みだけであった。

Thinking this to be odd, Anri had once asked Tenkyouin about it, but a bold grin had been the only answer given.

[Narration] おそらく手品のようなものなのだろう。杏里は勝手にそう解釈している。

That she must be using some kind of magic trick was the answer Anri had come up with.

[Tenkyouin] コーヒーいるかい?

Want a coffee?

[Anri] 思いきり薄めたアメリカンを。ミルクと砂糖はいいや。

I'm feeling like a mild Americano. No milk or sugar.

[Narration] 杏里の注文を聞いて、天京院は自家製のコーヒーミルを操作した。

Taking Anri's order, Tenkyouin started up her home made coffee mill.

[Narration] ミキサーの破砕音にしか聞こえない騒音が数秒流れて、カップにコーヒーが注がれる。もう慣れっこの光景なのか、杏里は何も言わなかった。

For several seconds, the only sound was the grinding from the mixer, then the coffee poured out into a cup. Anri, long familiar with this scene, said nothing.

[Tenkyouin] はい。


[Anri] ありがと。

Thank you.

[Narration] 琥珀色の飲み物から立ちのぼる香りに、しばし沈黙するふたり。

They were silent for a time, while the scent from their amber drinks drifted upward.

[Narration] 静寂を破ったのは天京院の方だった。

Tenkyouin was the first to break the silence.

[Tenkyouin] だいたい話はわかってる。

I know the story.

[Anri] いつもの事だけど、かなえさんは話が早くて助かるなあ。

It's no different from usual, but you being so on top of things is very helpful.

[Narration] 楽天的な口調に、天京院は難しい声音で応じた。

Tenkyouin responded to that optimistic statement with a severe voice.

[Tenkyouin] おそらく、杏里が感じているより状況は厳しいよ。漠然と追っていたら、とても三週間では足りないだろうさ。

This situation is more serious than you seem to think. Three weeks won't be enough if you just run around randomly.

[Anri] そうだね。どうしたらいい?

You're right. What should we do?

[Narration] 明確な答えがあるに違いないという確信のこもった質問に、天京院の声はますます硬くなっていく。

The confidence that there was a clear solution implied in Anri's question made Tenkyouin's voice grow even harder.

[Tenkyouin] とにかく手がかりが必要だ。

Anyway, you need a lead.

[Anri] うん。どんな?

Yeah. Like what?

[Tenkyouin] ……杏里。自分のことだろう?少しは自分で考えなよ。

…Anri, isn't this your problem? You should think for yourself a bit.

[Narration] 杏里は喉の奥で笑い声をたてた。

Anri gave a little laugh from the back of her throat.

[Anri] ボクが少しぐらい頭をひねったって、どうせかなえさんの智恵にはかなわないからね。

I've already wracked my brain over this, but I know I'm no match for your wisdom.

[Anri] かなえさんを信じてるのさ。

I have faith in you, Kanae-san.

[Tenkyouin] ………………はぁ。


[Narration] 天京院からため息が漏れる。

A sigh escaped from Tenkyouin.

[Tenkyouin] そう言ってくれるなら、普段からもう少しあたしの言うことを守って欲しいもんだ。

You say that now, but it's not like you ever do anything I tell you to do.

[Anri] やだな、信じることと言うとおりにすることは別だろ?

Hey now, there's a difference between believing someone and following someone to the letter.

[Tenkyouin] わかったわかった、もういい。

Alright, alright. I get it.

[Narration] この話は終わり、という風に天京院が手を振った。

Tenkyouin waved her hand as she finished talking.

[Tenkyouin] ……いいかい、杏里。よく聞きな。

…Okay, Anri. Listen up.

[Narration] 口調に紛れもない真剣さを感じ、杏里は天京院に視線を向けた。

Hearing the seriousness in her tone, Anri looked over at Tenkyouin.

[Tenkyouin] あたしが出来る限り協力する。杏里は、とにかく手がかりを集めてくるんだ。

I will assist you as much as I am able. Anyway, it'll be up to you to go out and gather any clues.

[Tenkyouin] それが事件に関係あるものかどうかは、あたしが判断する。とにかくひとつでも多く情報を集めて、あたしのところへ持っておいで。

Then I will decide how, if at all, those clues are connected to this case. Anyway, once you've got a decent amount of information, come back here.

[Tenkyouin] あたしは、まあ……人づきあいがヘタだからね。安楽椅子探偵に徹させてもらうよ。

Me, well…. I'm not good with people, so I'll stay here and play armchair detective.

[Tenkyouin] けど、人手は心配しなくていいだろ?どうせ、手を貸そうって女の子が何人もいるんじゃないか?

But, there are other people who're worried about you, right? In other words, why not have those girls help you look?

[Anri] いやあ。それほどでも。

Haha, I couldn't ask THAT much of them.

[Tenkyouin] ……別に褒めてないよ。

…Don't feel proud about it.

[Tenkyouin] とにかく、情報でも証拠でも、何だったら噂話でもいい。検証と推理はあたしがやるから、杏里は集めることにだけ集中するんだ。いいかい?

Anyway, information, evidence, even gossip will do if that's what you can get. I'll do all of the verification and reasoning, so you can concentrate on the finding. Got it?

[Anri] わかった。

Got it.

[Tenkyouin] そうだな……。ちょうど三週間あるから、集めた情報は土曜日にまとめて持ってきてちょうだい。

Right…. We have exactly three weeks from today, so you should bring back all of the information you've gathered on Saturday of each week.

[Anri] 一週間ごとの成果を持ち込むわけ?ちょっとマイペースすぎない?

You'll only help me once a week? You sure are relaxed under this.

[Tenkyouin] あたしだって自分の研究があるんだよ。

I have my own work to attend to.

[Tenkyouin] 第一、ある程度まとめて持ってきてくれないと、検証も推理もしようがないだろ。

And the most important part of this is you finding stuff. I won't be able to give you any insight if you don't.

[Anri] ……そういうもんか。

…I see.

[Tenkyouin] それに、一週間ペースで〆切を決めれば、杏里も真面目に動くだろう?

Besides, I think the one week deadlines will make you work a little more dilligently, don't you?

[Tenkyouin] なにしろ気が多いからなあ、君は。

You're easily distracted, after all.

[Anri] うん、否定しない。

Yeah, can't argue there.

[Tenkyouin] 三週間……あたしのカンじゃぎりぎり間に合うと思うよ。あとは杏里の頑張り次第ということだ。

Three weeks…. It might just be enough time. The rest will be up to you.

[Anri] そうか。かなえさんが太鼓判を押してくれるなら安心だ。

Is that right? If it has your seal of approval then I've got nothing to worry about.

[Tenkyouin] あまり気を抜かない方がいいよ。

Just don't let your mind wander off.

[Tenkyouin] とりあえず人事を尽くそう。そうすれば、天命は後からついてくるだろうからさ。

Let's focus on talking to people first. We'll have to leave finding other stuff to luck.

[Anri] 同感だ。……そうだ、かなえさん。

Agreed. …Oh yeah, Kanae-san.

[Tenkyouin] なんだい、まだ何かあるのかい?

What, was there something else?

[Anri] ああ……思いついたんだけど、これから三週間の間、犯人が次の事件を起こす可能性はあるかな?

Yeah…. I've been wondering, is it possible that the criminal will strike again sometime in the next three weeks?

[Narration] 杏里の言葉に天京院が眉をひそめる。

Tenkyouin frowned at Anri's words.

[Tenkyouin] いや……そうだな。あり得るだろう。

Yes…. That's right. They might.

[Anri] これ以上被害者を出したくないんだ。そのためにも、一刻も早く捕まえないと。三週間なんて時間の余裕はないよ。

I don't want to see any more vitcims. So, we should catch this person as soon as possible. We can't afford to waste any time these three weeks.

[Tenkyouin] 焦って真犯人を見つけられなければ、それこそ元も子もないんだけどね。

If we don't find the real criminal quickly, we've lost everything anyway.

[Tenkyouin] ……けど、そこには目をつぶれと言って、素直に聞く杏里じゃないし……。

…But it wouldn't be like you, Anri, if you were to just let their crime slip by.

[Anri] はは。


[Tenkyouin] ………………。


[Tenkyouin] なら、折衷案といこう。

Well then, I'll meet you halfway.

[Anri] ──?


[Tenkyouin] これまでの被害者の共通点から、次に襲われる可能性が高い子を何人かピックアップする。

Using common features of the victims so far, I might be able to figure out likely future targets.

[Tenkyouin] 杏里はその中からひとり選んで、情報を集めつつその子の身辺を見張るんだ。

You then pick a one from that list, and watch over her while you're out gathering information.

[Tenkyouin] そこで犯人を捕まえられれば、わざわざ推理する手間も省けるしね。

Then if you happen across the criminal, we can save a lot of time and effort.

[Anri] ……ひとり?

…Only one?

[Tenkyouin] うん、ひとりだ。

Yes, just one.

[Tenkyouin] それ以上は二兎を追う者……になる可能性が高い。

We can't afford to try to do too many things at once.

[Tenkyouin] 何より犯人が行動を起こさなかった時のことを考えると、情報集めの方も進めていかないといけないからね。

We must consider the possibility that the criminal won't strike again, so we should focus primarily on gathering information.

[Anri] うーん、そうか……。

Hmm, I see.

[Tenkyouin] 待って。いま、被害者候補をリストアップするよ。

Hold on. I'll draw up a list of potential victims.

[Narration] 天京院はパソコンに近寄るとキーに指を滑らせた。

Tenkyouin sat down at her computer, and her fingers flew across the keyboard.

[Narration] 途端にミキサーの破砕音が室内に響き、ついで検索完了のチャイムが鳴る。

Just as the grinding of the mixer reverberated through the room, a chime rang out to mark the end of the search.

[Tenkyouin] 出た



…. There are three possible victims.

[Anri] 三人か……。

Three, huh….

[Tenkyouin] さあ、選んでくれ、杏里。

Go on, pick one, Anri.

[Tenkyouin] 三人の中から誰を選ぶかは、君の直感にまかせるよ。

I can't narrow it down beyond these three, so I'll trust your instinct on it.

[Anri] そう?じゃあ──。

Yeah? Okay then–.

[Narration] 杏里はためらわず、指をさした。

Without hesitation, Anri pointed to one name.

[Narration] それは……!

It'll be….!
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