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[Narration] ひょっとしたら、まだ買い出しに出かけているかもしれない──。

However, around this time she'd probably be out shopping, though.

[Narration] そう考えて、杏里は天京院の部屋への道すがら、購買部通りに向かった。

Thinking this, Anri decided to check by the shopping street on her way to Tenkyouin's room.

[Narration] 船の中とは思えない贅を尽くした通りには高級ショッピングストリートに匹敵する専門店が建ち並ぶ。

In order to maintain the level of luxury the students were used to, an avenue lined with specialist shops that rivaled any of the high-class shopping streets was built on board.

[Narration] それらの店がそれぞれ、輸入代理店の役目も果たしていた。

And each the shops also doubled as import agent.

[Narration] 実質、洋上にありながらこの学園で手に入らない物はほとんどない。

Therefore, even though they were in the middle of the ocean, there was practically nothing a person couldn't obtain from these shops.

[Narration] 学園規則で禁じられている品さえ、学生宛ての個人郵便物に検閲がないため、平気で出回っていた。

And apart from prohibited items, students could receive any item by post they wanted.

[Anri] つまるところ、金で解決しようとする人間が複数集まると、どこかで破綻するものなのかもしれないな。

It gives me the feeling a company could go bankrupt if someone here decides to go on a spending spree.

[Anri] ──おっと、失礼。

Oops, sorry.

[Aisha] ………………………。


[Narration] 杏里の肩にぶつかった少女は、いちべつだけ投げかけて立ち去った。

The girl who had collided with Anri's shoulder ran off with no more than a quick glance behind.

[Anri] ……知らない顔だな。ああ、でもあの制服は上級生か。

…Don't know the face. Oh, but that was a third-year's uniform.

[Narration] この閉鎖社会で知らない顔があるというのも奇妙な話だが、年上にはとことん興味のない杏里には無理からぬことだった。

It was a little curious that Anri didn't know the girl, given their enclosed society, but Anri was thoroughly uninterested in any girl older than her, so it wasn't impossible.

[Narration] 言い寄ってくる上級生は例外なく袖にしている。

Every senior student who had tried to make advances had been turned down.

[Narration] 彼女が自分から会いに行く上級生など、天京院ぐらいのものだ。

The only upperclassman she talked to regularly was the one she was going to meet, Tenkyouin.
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