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[Narration] 呼び鈴を押しても、天京院鼎の自室からは応答がなかった。

Anri rang the bell, there was no response from Tenkyouin Kanae's room.

[Anri] ……留守か。

…She's not here, huh?

[Anri] かなえさんが留守というのは珍しいな。どこへ行ったんだろう?

Strange that she'd be out. Where could she have gone?

[Anri] (真面目に授業に出てるはずがないし……またコーヒー豆でも切れたのか?)

(She definitely wouldn't be at class…. Did she run out of coffee again?)

[Narration] しばらく待ったが人の気配はしない。杏里は、やれやれとドアの前を離れた。

Not one to wait around idly, Anri gave up and walked away.

[Anri] (授業は……出られないんだよな。どうしよう、自分の部屋で時間を潰そうか?)

(Go to class… No, I can't do that. Hang around in my room?)

[Narration] これまで、適当に授業をさぼったことは何度もあったが「出てはいけない」となると暇を持て余してしまう。

Though she'd often skipped classes before, now that someone had told her 'you can't go,' she didn't know what else to do with her time.

[Narration] 考えてみれば生活空間そのものが学園という状況なのだから、学園と切り離されれば活動場所もずいぶん限定される。

The entire school had more or less been her living space, so having so many places cut off from her made her feel extremely restricted.

[Anri] (………これまで考えたこともなかったけど。)

(…Although I hadn't thought about it until now.)

[Anri] (ニコルの言ってた、華やかな監獄って名称もあながち的はずれじゃないな、うん。)

(Nicolle calling this place just a prettied up prison, isn't that far off, really.)

[Narration] 大事な娘を悪い虫から守りたいという、親のエゴで作られた洋上の花園。

This floating flower garden was created by parents' ego's desire to protect their precious daughters from horrible little insects.

[Narration] 杏里にとっては天国のような環境だったのでこれまで不満を感じたことはなかったが、嫌気のさす人間が居てもおかしくない。

The place had always been Heaven to Anri, so she had no complaints, but it was only natural that there were people who found her presence to be unpleasant.

[Anri] 案外と、例の犯人もそんなことを考えてる奴かもね──おっ!?

But I guess the real criminal is thinking the same thing. –Oh!?

[Narration] 廊下の先からこちらに向かって歩いていた少女が、伺うように杏里を見ている。

The girl who had been looking at Anri for a while now, looked like she was about to ask a question.

[Narration] 警戒心と好奇心の混ざり合った視線にも、杏里は極上の笑みで応えた。

Upon seeing the girl's curious but wary eyes, Anri changed her own expression to a first-rate smile.

[Anri] おはよう、アルマ・ハミルトン。

Morning, Alma Hamilton.

[Alma] あっ……!?お、おはようございます……。

Ah…!? G-good morning…

[Narration] アルマ・ハミルトン

Alma Hamilton

[Narration] 北欧出身の一年生。世間知らずという点においては、学園でも一、二を争う。

A first year student from Scandinavia. Though not wise to the ways of the world, in terms of grades at this school she can beat the best of them.

[Narration] どこかピントずれしている行動のせいか、友人の多さの割りにはひとりで居ることが多い。

She tends to lose track of where she is. This may be why, despite having a relatively large number of friends, she is often alone.

[Narration] この、絵に描いたかのような箱入り娘もソヨンと同様、杏里が密かに心を傾けている相手だった。

She was the type that Anri secretly desired most in a lover. Like Soyoung, she was a girl who had lived a typical princess-like sheltered life.

[Narration] 手の早い杏里には珍しく、言葉を交わしたのはこれが初めてだった。

Unusual for Anri by itself, this was the first time they had really spoken.

[Narration] 比較的ひとりで過ごしていることが多いので、何度か声をかけようとチャレンジしていたのだが……。

Even though they'd been more or less alone together many times before, every time Anri tried to stop to talk…

[Wells] お待ちください、お嬢様!

Please wait, Ojou-sama!

[Narration] この手強い門番に、常に撃退されていたのだ。

She was always repelled by this stubborn guardian.

[Anri] い……居たのか。

Th-this again?

[Wells] お嬢様、このように破廉恥な人物に挨拶する必要はございません。女好きが感染ります!

You need not greet such an infamous personage as this, Ojou-sama, lest you get infected by her girl-liking disease.

[Alma] ウェルズさん、そんな……。

Wells-san, don't be so…

[Wells] いいえ!!わたくしは、お嬢様のお父上から生活全般についてきつく厳命されております。

Nay!! I have been given strict orders by your Lord Father as to your daily activities.

[Wells] 聞くところによりますと、この杏里様は暴行事件の容疑者として自室謹慎を命じられたとか。

From what I have heard, this 'Anri-sama' is supposed to have been confined to quarters as a suspect in the recent molestings.

[Wells] そのような汚点ある人物との挨拶を許したとあっては、わたくし、お嬢様のお父上に会わせる顔が御座いません!

If I were to allow you to greet such a disgraceful personage as her, I would never be able to face your Lord Father again!

[Anri] てっきりアルマひとりかと思った。……本当に影みたいだな、この人は。

I thought for sure we were alone. …This person moves like a shadow.

[Alma] でも、ウェルズさん。朝の挨拶は礼儀ですもの……。

But Wells-san, isn't it common courtesy to greet one another in the morning?

[Wells] 時と場合と相手によります。

Politeness is a fuction of the time, the circumstances, and the other party.

[Wells] わたくし思いますに、杏里様のような神経の図太い方は朝の挨拶をされなかったぐらいでは死んだりいたしません!

I feel that a person of such shamless sensitivities as her will survive even if not greeted properly!

[Anri] いや、アルマが挨拶してくれないと寂しくて死んでしまうかもしれないよ?

Oh no, if I am not greeted by Alma, I might just die of sheer loneliness.

[Alma] ほら、ああ仰られていますし。

See? Just like she says.

[Wells] 罠です!気を許してはなりません、お嬢様!

Don't be fooled! You mustn't let your guard down, Ojou-sama!

[Anri] そうだよ、挨拶という何気ない行動にこそ裏の意味が隠されているものさ。

That's right, even in such a careless action as a simple greeting there is deep, hidden meaning.

[Wells] 笑顔に騙されてはいけません。笑顔に笑顔で返すことが、すでに術中にはまっている証拠なのです。

You must not be fooled by her smile! The fact that you are returning her smile with another smile is proof that you have fallen for her tricks!

[Alma] そう……なのですか?

Is… that so?

[Anri] 日常会話を交わす「知っている人」になれば警戒を解くのが簡単だからね。

And then you start speaking more often, and become 'people who know each other', start feeling more at ease.

[Wells] そうして隙を作るのです。

And eventually you let your guard down.

[Anri] 詳しいね。ウェルズさんも騙されたクチ?

Always on top of things! Were you too tricked by someone in the past, Wells-san?

[Wells] ええ、ええ!あの「おはよう」が罠だともっと早く気がついていれば!

Oh yes! If only I realized sooner that the “Good morning” part was a trap!

[Alma] ……何かあったんですか?

…Did something happen?

[Anri] ダメだよ、アルマ。人は誰だって、触れられたくない過去を持っているものさ……。

Just leave it, Alma. Everyone's got a thing or two they don't want to talk about, you know…

[Alma] まあ……ウェルズさん、可哀想。

Ohh… Wells-san, you poor dear.

[Wells] ……ちょっと待てぃ!

Wait just a minute!

[Narration] 一喝されて会話がピタリとやむ。ウェルズの眼鏡の奥で、怒りの炎がゆらめいているのを杏里は見た。

That thudering roar stopped the conversation cold. Anri could see the flames of hatred flickering behind Wells's glasses.

[Wells] 何気ない顔をして会話に参加しないでいただきたい!

I would appreciate it if you would stop cutting in our conversation so casually!

[Anri] いや、お二人の会話があまりに面白かったもので……。

I can't help it, it's so fun talking to you two.

[Wells] 余計なお世話です!さ、行きますよお嬢様。

We shall have none of it! Let us leave, Ojou-sama.

[Wells] 杏里様、それでは失礼いたします。

Anri-sama, if you will excuse us.

[Alma] し、失礼いたします……。

E-excuse us…

[Anri] ああ、また今度ね。

Yeah, I'll be seeing you.

[Wells] お嬢様、言葉をかける必要はありません!

Ojou-sama, no more talking!

[Alma] け、けど……。


[Narration] ちらちらとこちらを気にして振り返るアルマに手を振りつつ見送って、杏里はため息をついた。

Anri heaved a sigh, waving to Alma, who looked back over shoulder occasionally.

[Anri] 可哀想に……あんな監視役がついてたら、偏見のかたまりに育てられちゃうぞ。

The poor thing… With a guardian like that, she'll just end up as some narrow-minded lump.

[Anri] なんとか、囚われの姫を救い出してやりたいところだけど……。

Somehow, she seems like a captive princess, yearning to be rescued….

[Anri] とりあえず自分だよなあ。かなえさんが戻るまで、部屋で風呂でも浴びようか。

But I should probably worry about myself first. I guess I could go take a bath while I wait for Kanae-san to get back.
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