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[Narration] 杏里は歩きながら考えていた。

Anri walked along, deep in thought.

[Narration] 冤罪を晴らす気はもちろんある。表面上は平静に見えるが、本人も心中穏やかではない。十分に焦っている。

She knew she needed to clear her name. She seemed calm on the surface as she hurried down the hall, but inside she was anything but.

[Narration] しかし、どこから手をつければいいものかまったくアイデアが浮かばない。

Unfortunately, she didn't know where to start; who to go to or where to turn.

[Narration] 女の子を口説くときであれば、桃色に輝く脳細胞もフル回転しようものを……。

The only time her brain really got in gear was when she was trying to pick up a girl.

[Helena] 杏里!?ひとりで出歩いていてもいいの?

Anri!? Are you supposed to be walking around unsupervised like this?

[Anri] やあヘレナ。ボクの心は陽光も射さぬ曇り空だけど、君の笑顔はそれさえ振り払うようにいつもチャーミングだね。

Ah, Helena. Though my heart is now like the clouded sky which no sunlight can breach, the sight of your always charming smile helps to brighten my life.

[Narration] ヘレナ・ブルリューカ

Helena Burliuka

[Narration] 個人的正義感によって『風紀委員』を任ずる少女。杏里の同級生。

The girl who, due to her unyeilding sense of justice, is a member of the 'Student Morality Committee'. One of Anri's classmates.

[Narration] 杏里の子猫ちゃんのひとりだが、本人は表面上それを否定している。が、身体は正直なので否定しきれたことはない。

One of Anri's Kittens, but she won't admit it. Her body, however, is much more honest, and can't deny her feelings.

[Helena] バカっ!



What are you looking at me all smiling about?!

[Helena] あなたは、自室謹慎になったと聞いたわ。出歩いていていいの?

Everybody's saying you're supposed to be confined to quarters. Should you be walking around like this?

[Anri] (……まったくこの船にいるみんなは、情報が早いなあ)

(Oh for Heaven's sake…. Gossip sure travels fast around this boat.)

[Anri] (人の口に戸は立てられぬって言うけれど、この船じゃあ本当に秘密なんて持てそうにないや)

(I know they say 'you can't keep people from talking', but there's just no way to keep a secret around here.)

[Helena] ねえ、どうなの?杏里ってば!?

Well, should you? Anri, are you listening!?

[Nicolle] おいおいヘレナ、そんなこと問いつめるまでもないだろ?

Hey, hey, Helena, do you you really need to make such a fuss over it?

[Anri] ニコル、おはよう。コローネも元気そうだね。

Nicolle, 'morning. Couronne is looking well, too.

[Narration] ニコル・ジラルド

Nicolle Gerald

[Narration] 学園きっての博打打ち。杏里との大勝負に負け、配当金として彼女の子猫ちゃんになる。

Always gambling. After losing a bet with Anri, she became one of her Kittens.

[Narration] いつも連れているボルゾイ犬のコローネは船内で唯一の男性である。

This Borzoi, Couronne, is always with her, and is the only male aboard the Polarstar.

[Helena] ちょっと、ジラルドさん。……今の、どういう意味?

Excuse me, Gerald-san. …What exactly do you mean by that?

[Nicolle] 謹慎なんて素直に従うタマかよ、杏里が。

What, did you really think Anri was just gonna meekly go along with this?

[Nicolle] で、どうなんだい?面白くなりそう?

So, what else'd ya get? Anything interesting?

[Helena] 面白いですって……!?


[Anri] 面白くしよう。面白くならなければ、ボクは退学だ。

I'm going to have to make it interesting. If I don't, I get expelled.

[Nicolle] なんだ、すると本当に探偵ごっこか。ははっ、こりゃ面白くなってきた!

Seriously? So you get to play detective, then? Haha, this should be a blast!

[Anri] ……笑い事でもないよ、ニコル。こうなったら探偵ごっこぐらい望むところだけど、何からどうして手をつけていいものやら。

…This isn't funny, Nicolle. And, even if I wanted to 'play detective', I don't have the slightest idea where to start.

[Helena] あの、ちょっと待って杏里。

Um, hold on for a second, Anri.

[Helena] 探偵ごっこ……って、じゃあ杏里はやっぱり犯人じゃないのね?

'Play detective'… Then, you really aren't the criminal?

[Anri] やだなヘレナ。本気で疑っていたのかい?

Come on now, Helena. Did you really think that I was?

[Helena] だ……だって、その……普段の素行がああだし

Ah, well… Thinking how you usually act, I-I…

[Helena] 暴力というのはあなたらしくないと思ったけど、噂に尾ひれがついて広まったのかとてっきり。

…I mean, I know you wouldn't use violence, but rumors can get out of hand, and…

[Anri] おお、悲しいことを言わないでくれよ、ヘレナ。

Oooh, don't say such horrible things, Helena.

[Anri] ボクは、お互いに愛を確かめあっていなければ、手を出したりしないよ。

I, unless I am certain she wishes it, will not so much as lay a hand on someone.

[Anri] 嫌がる相手に無理矢理なんて、神に誓ってするものか。

I swear to God, I would hate to force a girl to do anything she didn'treally want to do.

[Helena] ……な、なに言ってるのよ杏里!

H-how can you say that, Anri!

[Helena] 私がイヤって言っても、やめてくれたことないじゃない!

No matter how many times I tell you 'no!', you never stop!

[Nicolle] ……へーえ。


[Helena] あ……!



It… It's not like that, not like that at all, Nicolle!

[Helena] あの、私が別に杏里とその……したとか、そういう意味じゃなくて……!!

Uh, Anri and I haven't… Something like that, I didn't mean to imply…!

[Anri] ヘレナの反応はいつも新鮮で可愛いな。

Helena's reaction is always so cute.

[Helena] 杏里は黙ってて!

Anri, shut up!


…So you see, Nicolle…

[Nicolle] 別に言い訳なんざぁいらないよ。

It's not like you owe me an explanation.

[Nicolle] あたし、あんたと杏里の関係に口出しする気はないからさ。

I've got no desire to interfere in you guys' relationship.

[Helena] だから! 違うんだってば!!

I told you! That's not how it is at all!!

[Nicolle] ……まったく素直じゃないねぇ。

You really won't own up about it, will you?

[Helena] 違うわ、絶対に違うっ!

You're wrong! Absolutely wrong!


I'd never do something like that…!

[Anri] まあまあ、ヘレナもニコルも。

Alright, alright, that's enough, Helena. You too, Nicolle.

[Anri] そんな言い争わなくても、ボクの愛はいつだって、天地の恵みのごとく君たちに平等だよ。

There's no need for you two to argue, for, as all of creation is blessed equally, so my love for you both is equal.

[Helena] そういう話じゃないでしょう!

I told you to stop talking like that!

[Nicolle] ……実のところ、それこそが最大の問題だって気が……ちぇっ、まあいいや。

…As a matter of fact, I'd say that right there is where most of her bigger problems start… Tch, well, whatever.

[Nicolle] で、これからどうすんだい、杏里?

So, what're your plans from here, Anri?

[Anri] うん……ちょっと考えてみるよ。まだ、うまい手が思いつかない。

Yeah… I've had some time to think about it, but nothing's coming to mind.

[Nicolle] そっか。じゃあ、手伝えることがあったら声かけてくれよ。

Yeah? Well, if there's anything I can do to help, just gimme a yell.

[Helena] 私にも、何かあったら言ってね。

Same here – if you need anything, let me know.

[Anri] ありがとう、ふたりとも。

Thanks, you two.
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