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[Anri] (さて、困った……)

(Well, this isn't good.)

[Anri] (学園長は簡単に言うけれど、PSが持て余す犯人をボクがひとりで見つけられるものだろうか)

(All I have to do is find, all by myself, the criminal that's managed to completely stump PS? Easy for her to say.)

[Anri] (……探偵かぁ。ガラじゃないな)

(…Detective work, huh? Not really my style.)

[Eliza] 杏里様。


[Eliza] 退学とは寂しいかぎりですわ。お荷物の整理が必要でしたら、お手伝いをいたしますけれど?

I was very sorry to hear that you are being expelled. Would like me to help you with your packing?

[Anri] 職員って……キミか、イライザ。

'Staff member'… You're the one, Eliza?

[Narration] イライザ・ランカスター

Eliza Lancaster

[Narration] 学園付きのメイド。もとは学園の学生だったが、両親が事業に失敗し失踪。借金取りから逃れるため船に残る道を選んだ。

One of the school's maids. Originally a student, but when her parent's buisness went under and they dissapeared, she elected to stay on board and work in order to escape the bill collectors.

[Narration] 不幸な境遇だがそれを感じさせない強靱さとしたたかさを持つ。運命は巡り巡って、現在は杏里の子猫ちゃんのひとり。

She's had a pretty hard life, but she doesn't complain. Due to an odd quirk of Fate, she ended up as one of Anri's Kittens.

[Eliza] ──はい。杏里様が逃げ出さないようしっかり見張れと、メイド長から命じられております。

I have been ordered by the head maid to watch over you and make sure you don't try to escape.

[Anri] ほほう?

Oh yeah?

[Anri] メイド長はボクとキミの関係にまったく気がついていないのかい?

So, the head maid really has no clue about the two of us, huh?

[Eliza] あの人の注意は、もっぱらシーツのしわや窓枠のホコリに向いていますもの。

The only things that woman pays attention to are wrinkles in the sheets and and dust on the window frames.

[Eliza] 私も疑われるような行動は慎んでおりますし。

And I am also careful not to do anything that might cause her to be suspicious.

[Anri] ははは、それでボクを閉じこめる牢獄の看守にキミを選んだわけか。真実を知ったら、きっと卒倒するな。

Hahahaha, is that why you volunteered to be my jailer, then? Once the truth about us gets out, I'm sure she'll faint.

[Eliza] メイド長も、もうお年です。余計な心労をかけないためにも、内緒にしておくのがよろしいかと思います。

Well, the head maid is of age. It's because I don't wish to worry her needlessly that I want our relationship to be kept secret.

[Chloe] なにが内緒だって?

What secret would that be?

[Chloe] 職員が学生と必要以上に親密になるのは風紀上好ましくない……とか何とか、先月の集会で言ってなかったっけ?

Most people don't like the idea of staff members and students getting any closer than necessary… Speaking of which, wasn't something like that mentioned at last month's assembly?

[Anri] やあ、クローエ。今日も綺麗だね。

Hey, Chloe. Looking beautiful, as always.

[Narration] クローエ・ウィザースプーン

Chloe Witherspoon

[Narration] 学園船ハンギング・バスケット・ポーラスターを設計した人物の娘。

The daughter of the man who designed the school ship Hanging Basket Polarstar.

[Narration] 父のいたずら心により加えられた、職員さえ知らぬ秘密の構造を熟知している。音に神経質な読書狂。やはり、杏里の子猫ちゃんのひとり。

She knows all the little secrets her mischievious father built into the ship, including ones even the staff don't know about. She looks like a nervous bookworm. She is also one of Anri's Kittens.

[Eliza] おはようございます、クローエ様。

Good morning, Chloe-sama.

[Chloe] ああ、おはよう

Ah, good morn-



No, it's not. Anri! What's all this talk about you being expelled?!

[Eliza] まあ、お耳の早いこと。

Well, news sure travels fast.

[Chloe] 今朝方から、伝声管の会話をチェックしてたらその話で持ちきりよ。暴行犯人として退学? ねえ、まさかそんな決定に従うつもりじゃないでしょうね?

Since the conversation they held over the speaking tubes this morning was leaked, it's been a pretty hot topic. 'The criminal is being expelled'? So are they really planning on going through with this?

[Eliza] クローエ様、その、秘密の伝声管を使って盗み聞きするのは、はしたないと思いますよ?

Chloe-sama, don't you think it is a bit unfair of you to eavesdrop on people with your secret speaking tubes?

[Chloe] 設計するときそんなもの取り付けた父さんに言ってよ。わたしは別に、悪用するつもりも何もないんだから!

Considering that it was my father who designed the entire system, I really don't how I did something wrong!

[Eliza] 職員の会話が筒抜けになってるというだけで、十分問題なんですけどねぇ。

Leaking private staff conversations to the entire ship gives quite a problem, though.

[Chloe] そんなことより、杏里!

That's all beside the point. Anri!

[Anri] 退学は決定だそうだ。いまさらボクがジタバタしても変わらない。

Yes, they decided I am to be expelled. That's not going to change now, no matter how much of a fuss I make.

[Chloe] あきらめてるの?杏里らしくもない!こんな冤罪、とっとと晴らしなさいよ!

So you're giving up? That's not the Anri I know. You've got to fight these false charges!

[Eliza] クローエ様も、暴行事件の犯人は杏里様じゃないとお考えなんですね。

So you don't think Anri-sama is behind the molestings, either?

[Chloe] あたりまえでしょ?

Isn't it obvious?

[Chloe] 無理矢理……は、あり得るかもしれないけど、相手に怪我させるような女じゃないわよ、杏里は!

Anri would never force… Well, she might do that, but she wouldn't ever hurt anyone!

[Anri] 無理矢理もボクの趣味じゃないなあ。

To force a person isn't my way, either.

[Chloe] ……それはどうだか。とにかく、わたしだけじゃない。杏里のことを良く知ってる人間なら、誰だって納得しないわよ、こんなこと。

…I don't know about that… At any rate, I'm not the only one. Nobody who actually knows Anri at all believes this for one second.

[Anri] ありがとう、優しいクローエ。けれどボクは、これからかごの中の鳥になるそうだ。

Thank you, my dear Chloe. However, after this, I will be but a caged bird.

[Chloe] 自室謹慎ってやつ?

They've had you confined to quarters?

[Eliza] はい。杏里様のお部屋に行ったら、このカードキーで施錠します。

Yes. After I have escorted Anri-sama to her rooms, I am to lock the door with this card-key.

[Eliza] これは職員用の特別なキーで、これを使われるとこのキーでなければ解錠できなくなります。

This is a special key for staff use only, and without it, no one will be able to unlock her door.

[Chloe] ……つまり、部屋の中からもそれを使わないと開かなくなるわけね。

…So, what you're saying is that she won't be able to leave her room without it.

[Eliza] はい。ですから……。

Correct. Thus…

[Narration] イライザはカードキーを杏里に手渡した。

Eliza handed the card-key over to Anri.

[Eliza] これで、自由に出入りできます。

Now you can enter and leave as you please.

[Anri] いいのかい、イライザ?

Are you sure about this, Eliza?

[Eliza] はい、しばらく誤魔化すぐらい問題ありません。

Yes. I shouldn't have any trouble fooling everyone for a little while.

[Chloe] 冤罪を晴らすんなら、その方が便利だと思うけど……。

If you're going to clear your name, this will make it much more convenient…

[Chloe] あんまり自由に出歩いてたら、余計に立場を悪くしない?

…But if she's seen wandering the corridors, won't that make the situation even worse?

[Eliza] 杏里様を信じていない人から見れば、もう十分に立場は悪いですし……。

It's not like the situation can get any worse, even if she is seen by someone not on our side.

[Eliza] それに、自由に杏里様に会えないと寂しい想いをする人もいるでしょう?

Besides, there's plenty of people who'd be lonely when they can't see Anri whenever they wish?

[Narration] 杏里とイライザの視線が、ふと同時にクローエを見た。

Anri and Eliza glanced casually at Chloe.

[Chloe] わ、わたしは違うわよ。そんな、万年発情期みたいな連中と一緒にしないでよね!

H-Hey don't look at me. Don't group me with that horny thousand-year mating season bunch!

[Eliza] まあ、このことにはあまり触れないようにいたしましょう。

Well, let's not touch too much on this subject right now.

[Eliza] それでは、杏里様。もし御用があったら、なんでもお申し付けください。

Well then, Anri-sama. If there is anything more I can do for you, please just let me know.

[Eliza] いつでもご自由にお使いいただく心づもりでおりますから。

I am always willing to do whatever you ask of me.

[Chloe] ……そうね。わたしも、読書の時間を損なわない程度にだったら協力するわ。

…Yeah. As long as it doesn't cut into my reading too much, I'll help out too.

[Anri] ありがとう、ボクの可愛い子猫ちゃん。

Thank you, my cute little kittens.
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