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[Principal] 杏里・アンリエットくん。

Anri Anriette-kun.

[Anri] はい、学園長。

Yes, Principal.

[Narration] 杏里・アンリエット

Anri Anriette.

[Narration] 本編の主人公。学園船H・B・ポーラースターのセカンドクラスに所属。明るく無邪気な性格で、味方も多いが敵も多い。

The hero of this story. An second year student on the school-ship H.B. Polestar. Her cheefully innocent demeanor has made her a lot of friends, and just as many enemies.

[Narration] 年下の美少女が大好きなレズビアンで、学園内に“ボクの愛しい子猫ちゃん”と呼ぶ、複数の恋人たちがいる。

A lesbian who prefers younger pretty girls, she has many lovers all over the school, calling each one 'My darling little kitten.'

[Narration] 自ら認める『レズの王子様』。

She thinks of herself as a 'lesbian prince.'

[Principal] あんた退学ね。

You're being expelled.

[Anri] そうですか。

Is that right?

[Anri] ………………。


[Anri] 退学?


[Principal] そう、退学。

Yes, Expelled.

[Narration] 文字通り学園の舵取り一切を取り仕切る学園長は、舵輪を握ったまま何気ない口調で通達した。

Literally steering the entire school on her own, the President made this announcement in a conversational tone, her hands firmly placed on the wheel.

[Anri] ええと……。理由を知りたいのですが。

Umm…. May I ask why?

[Narration] 杏里と呼ばれた少女が、いささか諦め口調で訊ねる。

The girl called Anri asked with a hint of resignation in her voice.

[Narration] この学園長みずからによる通達が、どんな冗談じみた内容でも必ず実行されるのは周知の事実だ。

It was widely known that any notice of this sort that came from the Principal herself always seemed like a joke.

[Narration] 嵐の中に飛び込むと言ったときも、アメリカの原子力空母に体当たりすると校内放送した時も、いずれも本気だった。

Like the time she said she would drive right into the heart of a storm, or the time she broadcast to the entire school that they were about to ram into an American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Seemingly completely serious each time.

[Narration] それに比べれば、学生ひとり辞めさせるぐらい冗談としては軽すぎる。

Compared to that, expulsion is way below her joke material.

[Narration] 本気とすれば……理由はなんだろう?

So if she's serious, what possible reason could she have?

[Narration] 果たして、前例のふたつに理由があったのかどうか定かではないが。

Although, the reason would probably be related to those two well-known incidents.

[Principal] 理由はアレよ。例の、連続暴行事件。もちろん知ってるわよね?

It's because of the serial rape incidents. I'm sure you know all about them?

[Anri] それは、まあ。いま、うちの学園で一番の話題でしょう。

That is, well…. It is pretty much the only thing anyone's talking about these days.

[Anri] あちこちにうわさ話が広まってますよ。なにしろ、箝口令が敷かれてるって話の方が後から広まったぐらいだし。

The rumor is all over the place. In fact, ever since the gag order was imposed, it seems to have spread even more.

[Anri] もう3人でしょう?PS(ポーラスター・セキュリティー)は何してるんですか。職務怠慢だ。

Three people have already been attacked, right? What in the world is PS (Polarstar Security) doing? Why aren't they doing their jobs?

[Principal] PSはよく仕事してると思うけどねぇ、残念なことに、被害者は昨日の夜で4人に増えちゃったわ。

PS is working tirelessly on this case. And, I regret to say, apparently there was a fourth victim last night.

[Anri] ………………。


[Principal] さすがにそろそろ限界よね。

As you might expect, we are rapidly approaching our limits here.

[Anri] ええ……。


[Anri] あれ?


[Anri] ちょっと待ってくださいよ、それとボクの退学と何の関係があるんですか!?

Wait just a second. Is there some connection between these attacks and why I'm being expelled?

[Anri] いや

No way



You can't think that I…!

[Principal] いやー、そのまさかなんだー。

Yes, it's exactly that.

[Principal] 早朝の職員会議で、あんたを犯人と断定して放校処分にすることが決まったんだわ。

At the staff meeting held early this morning, the conclusion was reached that you are, in fact, the perpatrator of these crimes, and were thus sentenced to expulsion as punishment.

[Anri] ………………。


[Principal] PSは以前から、あんたを容疑者として疑ってたそうよ。

It seems that PS has considered you their prime suspect for some time now.

[Anri] 最近、人に見張られてる気はしてました。

I have had the feeling that someone was watching me lately.

[Anri] けど、誓って言いますが、ボクは犯人じゃありませんよ。

Nevertheless, I swear to you that I did not commit these crimes.

[Principal] 普段の素行が悪いからねぇ。

Since your normal behavior is just so perfect, right?

[Principal] そーいうのは、状況証拠だけで犯人にされちゃうもんよ。

In my opinion, the circumstantial evidence alone is enough to prove that you're our criminal.

[Anri] それが教育者の言葉ですか!?

This, coming from an educator!?

[Principal] あたしは学園長である前に、ここの船長だもーん。

Before I am Principal, I am the captain of this ship, dammit!

[Principal] 教育の方は他の先生に任せてるから。

I leave education to the other teachers.

[Anri] 無茶苦茶だ、この人……。

She is so unreasonable….

[Principal] まあ、被害にあった女の子たちに訴える気がないそうだから、警察に引き渡すことはないわ。

Well, since the victims aren't likely to press any charges, we won't turn you over to the police.

[Principal] 次の寄港地で退船してもらって……あとは勝手にしてちょうだい。

You will be put off the ship at our next port of call…. After that, you are free to do as you please.

[Anri] 釈明のチャンスも無いんですか。

So you're not going to give me a chance to prove I'm innocent?

[Principal] さっきも言ったとおり、評判悪いからね、あんたは。

Well, as I mentioned before, you have a certain unsavory reputation around this school.

[Principal] PSは、あんたを拘束して事件が起きなくなったら、それが証拠だってさ。

And if, while PS has you detained, the incidents cease, then that's all the proof we really need, yes?

[Anri] 職務怠慢どころの話じゃない。冤罪は犯罪ですよ。

This is beyond 'not doing their jobs.' Drubbing up false charges like this is illegal, you know.

[Principal] なんにせよ、本学園の法律に則り3分の2以上の職員が賛成し、決定した事だから。

What are you talking about? This decision was made by a two-thirds majority vote, as is required by school regulations.

[Principal] 反論は帰国後、外務省を通じておこなってちょーだいな。

If you have any complaints, please file them with the Department of Foreign Affairs, once you return home.

[Anri] ……開いた口が塞がりません。

…She just won't shut up…

[Anri] ボクは自分なりにこの学園を気に入っていたのに

You know, I came to this school because I thought it was the one that best suited me.



I'm feeling a little like I've been betrayed right now.

[Principal] ……そうねぇ……。

Is that so….

[Principal] この船が次の寄港地に到着するまで、3週間ほどあるわね。

We have about three weeks until we reach our next port of call.

[Anri] ええ、ビジタークラスの卒業生を下船させるんでしょう?

Yeah, that's when the graduating Visitor Class goes ashore, right?

[Principal] その前日に送別パーティーがあるわ。

There will be a big farewell party the day before.

[Anri] ありますね。

Oh really?




[Principal] もし疑いを晴らすとしたら、そこがタイムリミットでしょうね。

So if you were to clear your name, it would likely have to be by then, don't you think?

[Principal] 翌日は強制的に降ろされちゃうから、処分撤回の会議を開く時間もないし。

I mean, since you will be put ashore the next day, there won't really be enough time to hold a meeting to have your punishment reversed.

[Principal] あんたが犯人じゃないって決定的な証拠があれば、無茶言う人も黙るわよ?

And if there is definite proof that you are not the criminal, then maybe certain people will refrain from saying such harsh things about you in the future.

[Anri] …………。


[Anri] ……それって、ボクに真犯人を見つけろってことですか?

So you're saying I have to go out and find the real criminal?

[Principal] あたしは何も言わないけどさ。あんたは、退船時まで自室に閉じこめとくことになってるし。

I said nothing of the sort. Until you leave this ship, you will be confined to your quarters.

[Principal] もっとも、あんたみたいに味方の多い人間を閉じこめておくのは難しいだろうけど。

Of course, I suppose it would be rather difficult to truly confine someone with as many friends as you have.

[Anri] なんとなく、はめられているような気がしますが。

For some reason, I get the feeling I'm getting screwed over here.

[Principal] 何もしなければ、犯人確定よ?

What else can I do, when it's settled that you are the criminal.

[Anri] ………………。


[Principal] とりあえず、自室に戻りなさい。授業には出なくてよろしい。

For the time being, please return to your quarters. You will, of course, not be required to attend classes.

[Principal] 廊下に職員が待ってるはずだから、彼女に自室まで付き添ってもらいなさい。

There should be a staff member waiting outside in the corridor. Please allow her to escort you.

[Principal] 以後、無断の外出を禁じます。じゃ、帰ってよし!

From this point forward, leaving your rooms without prior approval is prohibited. Now get out!
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