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[Narration] 短い会見の後、まもなく少女は船を発った。

Immediately after the short meeting, the girl disembarked.

[Narration] ソヨンは中庭から空をあおぎ、小さくなるジェットヘリのシルエットを追った。

So-yeon looked up at the sky from the courtyard, chasing the shrinking silhouette of the jet-helicopter with her eyes.

[Narration] 近くの長椅子に、組んだ腕をまくらにして横たわる杏里をヘレナがたしなめた。

Helena was berating Anri, who was lying down on a nearby bench, arms folded behind her head.

[Helena] 杏里、行儀が悪いわ。

Anri, your behaviour is despicable.

[Anri] …………疲れたよ。

…I'm tired.

[Anri] あんなに彼女が痛手を受けているとは思わなかった。

I didn't think she'd take it so hard.

[Helena] 当たり前でしょう? だって彼女は───

Wasn't it obvious? After all, she was–

[Narration] また楽天家ぶりをたしなめようとしたヘレナは、いつになく沈んだ杏里の表情に、はっと口をつぐんだ。

Helena started to chide Anri's optimism again, but kept silent after seeing Anri's unusually depressed expression,

[Anri] かわいそう。


[Anri] ……このまま船を去るだなんて、かわいそうだ。彼女は何も悪くないのに。

…It's pitiable that she's leaving the ship just like that. She hasn't done anything wrong.

[Anri] おびえてた、彼女。彼女の傷は一生癒えないよ。死ぬまで。死ぬまで苦しむんだ。

She was scared. Her wounds will never heal. They'll stay with her until she dies. She'll be in pain until she dies.

[Anri] どんなに辛いだろう。人間のすることとは思えない……

How painful must it've been? I can't believe that a human would do this…

[Helena] ……

[Narration] そばへとやってきたソヨンは、杏里の横顔を真剣に見つめる。

Coming to her side, So-yeon solemnly stared at the side of Anri's face.

[Narration] ヘレナは杏里と被害者の少女とのやりとりを、胸のうちで反芻した。

In her heart, Helena reflected over the conversation between Anri and the victim.
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