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[Narration] 船内中央部。

Inboard the ship: the central section.

[Narration] ゲストルーム前にやって来た。脇には、純白に赤のラインの海軍儀仗兵ふうの制服を着たPSが、見張りについている。

They stopped in front of a guestroom. Beside it, a PS was standing guard. She was wearing a uniform like that of a navy guardsman, white decorated with crimson lines.

[Narration] ゲストルームは船内行事などで、学園生の家族をまねく際に利用される、正真正銘のVIPルームだ。

The guest rooms were reserved for inboard functions or when the students' families were invited; they were truly VIP rooms.

[Narration] あらかじめ話を通していたヘレナは、顔見知りらしきそのPSと、ふたことみこと丁寧に言葉を交わし、部屋に入る鍵を受け取った。

Having spoken to her in advance, Helena exchanged a few polite words with the PS, whom she seemed to know, before taking the key to the room.

[Narration] 先のヘレナにうながされ、ソヨンと杏里はゲストルームの扉をくぐった。

Hurried on by Helena, who was ahead of them, So-yeon and Anri went through the door to the room.

[Narration] 杏里はなにげなく横目でPSを見た。

Anri casually looked at the PS out of the corner of her eye.

[Narration] 姿勢よく立つPS女性は、職業的忠誠心に満ち満ちた、挑むような視線を杏里へと投げかけてきた。

Standing at attention, the PS shot Anri a challenging gaze filled with professionalism and integrity.

[P.S.] 残念ね、あなたの面倒を見るのも、あとわずかだわ。

It's a shame. There's only a little time left before we take care of you.

[Narration] 杏里はむっとして対抗心をあらわにするが、ふっと思い直し、それを振り払ってやわらかい微笑みを彼女へ送った。

Getting angry, Anri's rebelliousness bubbled to the surface, but thinking again, she shook it off and gave her a gentle smile.

[Anri] ボクはこの船を気に入っているんです。きっと、あなたよりも。

I like this boat. Most definitely more than you.

[Narration] 杏里の脳裏には、ニコルの愛犬コローネの姿があった。相手が学園につかえる番犬なのだと考えると、逆に可愛らしくさえ感じられた。

In Anri's mind was the figure of Nicole's beloved dog, Collone. If she thought of this opponent as a guard dog serving the academy, she even seemed cute in comparison.

[Narration] PSはただきょとんとするのみだった。

The PS just stared at her blankly.

[Narration] 落ち着いた雰囲気の部屋に入ると、すでに帰省のしたくの終えられた荷物が入り口付近に集められていた。

Entering the room with a subdued atmosphere, the luggage that had been prepared for the student's return home had already been gathered near the entrance.

[Narration] 部屋の中央には、入り口に背を向けて、少女が椅子に腰かけていた。

In the center of the room, a girl was sitting in a chair, her back facing the door.

[Anri] そうか……やっぱりきみか───

I see…so it's really you–

[Narration] 杏里にも思い当たる。セカンドクラスの少女だった。

Anri remembered her. She was a girl in the second class.

[Anri] ボクだよ。杏里・アンリエット。時間をくれてありがとう。聞かせてほしいことがあるんだ。

It's me, Anri Henriette. Thank you for your time. There's something that I'd like to ask you.

[Narration] 少女は膝に手を押しつけ「はい」と小さく肯いた。

The girl pressed her hands down on her knees and nodded slightly.
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