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[Anri] ……ねえ、ソヨン。

…Hey, So-yeon.

[Soyeon] は、はいっ。


[Anri] キミさえよければ、日曜日に、ボクとデートしないか。

If it's fine with you, won't you go on a date with me on Sunday?

[Soyeon] デ、デートですか!?

A-A d-date!?

[Anri] どこでもいいよ。この船は広いし。遊ぶ場所も、散策する場所も、いくらでもある。

Wherever is fine. This ship's pretty big after all. There's a lot of places to walk, or to play.

[Anri] 一日くらい、事件のことは忘れてさ。並んで歩いたり、向かい合ってお茶を飲んだり、そういう普通の、何げないことがしたいんだ。

For just one day, just forget about the incident. I want to walk beside you, I want to drink tea while we face each other, I want to do those kinds of normal things just like nothing's wrong.

[Narration] ソヨンはまだ杏里の言葉が信じられないらしく、眉を寄せ、まばたきを繰り返している。

Apparently still unable to believe Anri's words, So-yeon frowned, blinking repeatedly.

[Soyeon] でも杏里さん、連日の捜査でお疲れなんじゃありませんか?休日は、体をいたわられた方が───

But Anri-san, aren't you tired from all those days we spent searching? It's better if you spared your body on a weeke─

[Narration] 杏里は、せわしく動くピンク色の唇を、ひっとひと差し指でおさえた。

Anri pressed down on those pink lips, moving so busily, with her index finger.

[Anri] うん。キミの母国の友人の気持ちがわかってきたぞ。

Yeah. I've started to understand the feelings of your friends from your country.

[Anri] もちろん休息は必要さ。でも、ボクらはこんなに、こーんなに若いんだよ? 何でもできる!

It's true that rest is important. But, we're still young, you know? We can do anything!

[Anri] 休息なんて、ソフィア先生くらいの歳になったら、ゆっくり取らせてもらえば充分さ。

It's fine if we take a lot of rest when we get to Sofia-sensei's age.

[Anri] それにね、ボクにはおフロという、どんなものにも負けない元気回復剤があるし!いいよお、おフロは!

And also, I've the energy replenishment drug which won't lose to anything else: the bath! The bath is really nice!

[Narration] 杏里は鼻歌を唄いながら、背中をブラシで流す仕草をしてみせた。

While humming, Anri motioned as if brushing her back.

[Soyeon] あははっ。ハ、ハイ!

Ahaha. Y-Yes!

[Narration] ソヨンに笑顔が戻ってきた。

A smile returned to So-yeon's face.

[Soyeon] でしたら、喜んで!

Then, I'd be happy to!

[Soyeon] 杏里さんとのデート、このファン・ソヨン謹んで受けさせていただきます!

I, Fan So-yeon, would love to go on a date with Anri-san!

[Anri] ソヨン?決闘を申し込んだんじゃないんだよ?

So-yeon? I wasn't challenging you to a duel, y'know?

[Soyeon] あはっ、はい!

Aha, yes!
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