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[Narration] オン! ウォン!

Bark! Bark!

[Anri] ん? わっぷ!!

Mm? Bwoah!!

[Soyeon] あ、杏里さん?


[Anri] コ、コローネ!?


[Narration] ソヨンと小休止を終えて、カフェのアーチをくぐった杏里が情けない声をあげた。

Anri, having finished her small break together with So-yeon, passed through the arch of the café, and she raised a pathetic uell.

[Narration] 突然、ボルゾイ犬の親愛のタックルをくらい、杏里はぺたんと尻餅をついた。

Having suddenly taken a borzoi dog's love tackle, Anri fell on her butt.

[Nicolle] や、ソヨン。今日は杏里と仲良しさんかい?

My, So-yeon. Are you getting along with Anri today?

[Soyeon] こんにちは! ニコルさん!

Hello! Nicole-san!

[Nicolle] うん。講義で顔を見なかったから、きっと杏里と一緒なんだろうと思った。

Hey! I didn't see your face during the lecture, so I thought that you'd definitely be with Anri.

[Soyeon] ごめんなさい、ニコルさん。迷惑をおかけして。

I'm sorry, Nicole-san, I must have caused you some trouble.

[Nicolle] へ? そんなん気にするない。人に迷惑かけられるほど、あたしゃ人間できゃちゃいないぜ。

Hmm? It doesn't matter.

[Nicolle] ま、ソヨンが欠席するなんて珍しい、とはみんな噂してたけど。

Well, it's rather rare that So-yeon would be absent, so everyone was gossiping.

[Soyeon] ……で、ですか。

…I-Is that so.

[Nicolle] ですなあ。ひひひ。

Yeah. Hihihi.

[Narration] 頬を染めてうつむくソヨンを、ニコルがのぞきこむ。

Nicole looked at So-yeon, who had blushed and lowered her head.

[Nicolle] ま、あたしだって、いつも机がマクラがわりで開店休業状態だし。偉そうなことは言えないや。

Well, I always treat my desk as a substitute pillow; I'm open, but not accepting customers. I can't really say anything.

[Anri] ね、ねえ、ニコル!そろそろコローネを!

H-Hey, Nicole! Isn't about time you got Collone off me!?

[Narration] コローネは、杏里のマットレスが気に入ったらしく、一向にどいてくれる様子がない。

It appeared that Collone had developed a liking for the Anri-mattress, and not the slightest intention of it moving could be seen.

[Nicolle] コロ?あんまりゲテ物喰いは感心しないぞ。

Col? It isn't good to eat low quality stuff.

[Anri] 頼むよニコル!ぐ、苦じいィ〜〜っ

Please Nicole! I-It hurts~~~~!

[Nicolle] そりゃそうね。コロは、あたしより体重あるもん。

That'd be about right. Col is heavier than me after all.

[Soyeon] そんなに!

That heavy!?

[Nicolle] そこまで驚かなくてもいいだろ。なんか知らないけど不愉快だぞ。

There's no need to be so surprised, right? I don't really know, but it makes me rather unhappy.

[Soyeon] ごめんなさい。

I'm sorry.

[Nicolle] それよりさ。いーもの、手に入れたよ。

Rather than that, I've gotten something good.

[Soyeon] なんですか?

What is it?

[Nicolle] こーれーさっ。


[Nicolle] 犯行現場の生写真。ちょっと、うぶのソヨンには刺激が強いですかのう? 杏里さんや。

A live photo from the scene of the crime. You think the shock will be too much for the weak-hearted So-yeon, Anri?

[Anri] 見せ、くっ、はっ、うーっ

Show….Kuh, ahh, uuu~~

[Narration] 杏里はコローネの下から、届くはずもない腕を必死に伸ばしている。

Anri desperately outstretched an arm which had no hope of reaching Nicole from below Collone.

[Soyeon] まさか、犯人の写真ですか!?

Could it be a photo of the perpetrator!?

[Nicolle] ちがーう。襲われちゃった子の方だよ。

No. The girl who was attacked.

[Soyeon] 被害者さんの……!?

The victim…!?

[Narration] しかし、ソヨンがニコルから受け取ったのは、すでにイライザから杏里が手渡された写真と同じものだった。

However, the photo which So-yeon took from Nicole was the same as the one which had already been passed to them by Eliza.

[Anri] ぶほほほほ、げほっぶほっげほっ

Buhohohoho, *cough cough*

[Narration] 長い毛の合間から写真を垣間見た杏里が、おおいにむせながらも無理矢理笑ってみせる。

Spying the photo from between the gaps in the long fur, she forced herself to laugh even while choking.

[Soyeon] そうなんですか、杏里さん!?全く同じものなんですか?

Is it, Anri-san!? Is it exactly the same?

[Nicolle] な、なんだよ。せっかく得意先から巻き上げてきたのに!

Wh-what? But I finally managed to get that from a gamble!

[Anri] ぶほほっ……なるほどぉ。うんうん。残念だったねぇ、ニコル。

Buhoho…I see. Yes, yes. That's a shame, Nicole.

[Nicolle] コローネおすわり!

Collone, sit!

[Anri] むぎゅうっ!


[Soyeon] 賭場って……あの、まことしやかな噂になっている秘密のカジノですか?本当にあったんですか?

A gambling hall…Um, is it that rumour about a secret casino which seemed believable? It really exists?

[Nicolle] 無かったら今ごろあたしはおまんまの食いあげだ。

if it didn't, I wouldn't have enough money to buy rice.

[Soyeon] ほ、本当にあったんだ。あたし、てっきり作り話とばかり。

It really exists. I know for sure that it isn't a lie.

[Anri] うん。確かに秘密の賭場はある。

Yeah. It's true that there's a secret casino.

[Anri] でなければ、ニコルとボクの出会いもなかったし、なによりボクの腕の中で、可愛い声を聞かせてくれることも───

If there wasn't, Nicole and I wouldn't have met, and more than anything, I wouldn't have heard her cute voice as she lay in my ar—

[Nicolle] コローネ。伏せ!

Collone. Crouch!

[Anri] ふぎゅううっ!


[Soyeon] ?


[Nicolle] ちぇっ。いいよ!変わったものが上から流れてきたから、手を出してみただけだよ!

Tch. Fine! Something strange came floating down from above, so I just tried to get it!

[Nicolle] さっ、杏里プレスの時間おわりっ!いくよ、コロっ!

Now then, the time for Anri squishing has expired! Let's go, Col!

[Narration] ぶかっぶかっ、と聞くからに不満げなバッシュの音が去り、ようやく杏里が立ち上がった。

The sound of basketball shoes, the gait of which seemed dissatisfied, disappeared, and finally, Anri stood up.

[Narration] コローネも杏里の頬をひと舐めして、主人のあとを追った。

Collone licked Anri's cheek once and chased after its master.

[Anri] 全身、毛だらけ足跡だらけだ。

I'm covered with hair and pawprints.

[Soyeon] コロちゃん、杏里さんに、すっごくなついているんですね?

Col-chan is really intimate with you, isn't he?

[Soyeon] あたし、あんなふうにじゃれつかれたことないですよ?

I've never been played with like that, you know?

[Anri] かなえさん流に言うなら「外見の可愛さと質量は、全く別次元の問題だ」。うん。

If I were to speak Kanae-san style, 'The cuteness of appearance and mass is a question dealing with completely different dimensions.' Yeah.

[Anri] 熱烈すぎるスキンシップも考えものだね。いい勉強になったよ。

Overenthusiastic skinship is also something to think about. It was a good learning experience.

[Narration] 毛をはらい落とす杏里を手伝うソヨンがハッとする。

So-yeon, who helped Anri with dusting the fur off her clothing, suddenly realized something.

[Soyeon] あ、写真っ……! 返し忘れちゃった。

Ah, the photo…! I forgot to give it back.

[Anri] ふむ……といっても、ニコルにも不要のものだろ? いちおうボクが預かっておこうか。

Hmm…you may say that, but it's useless to Nicole, right? Should I take it for now, then?
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