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[Narration] こう、と決まれば杏里の行動は迅速だった。

Once having decided on 'this', Anri's movements were quick.

[Narration] たちまちのうちに、杏里はPSから事件の状況を聞き出した。内容をまとめるなら、ざっとこんなところだ。

In the space of an instant, Anri had asked about the incident. Summarizing the contents, it would roughly be this.

[Narration] 各学生の部屋の周囲は、監視カメラでもって二十四時間体制で見張られていた。

The surroundings of every students' room is under 24 hour observation by surveillance cameras.

[Narration] 不審人物が入り口に立てば、すぐわかるし、映像記録としても残るはずだ。

If a suspicious person stands at the door, not only will it immediately be known, but a video record will also be left.

[Narration] しかし、それは無い。

However, there was nothing like that.

[Narration] また、実際に各廊下の要所に見張りを配置した警備も行われている。

Furthermore, there are also security guards deployed to watch over important parts of every corridor.

[Narration] 警備時間のローテーションは重なり合い、互いの不正や誤りを防止するよう、重々気をくばられている。

The rotation of the guards overlaps, and they are observe each other to prevent any irregularity or mistakes.

[Narration] PS全体の隠蔽工作でも行われない限り、なにか異常があれば、すぐさま学園トップまで報告が届く。

And even if all the PS' hidden activities aren't active, if something abnormal happens, a report is immediately sent to the head of the Academy.

[Narration] 暗殺者におびえるイスラム国家の大統領ですら、これだけの警備を受けてはいない。

Even the president of Islamic countries who fear assassins don't have this much security.

[Narration] ───と、PSは主張した。一応。

─claimed the PS.

[Narration] 聞き込みのあいだじゅう、脇に居たソヨンはハラハラと気の休まることがなかった。

While the PS was being questioned, So-yeon, at Anri's side, was extremely excited, and didn't calm down.

[Soyeon] …………

… …

[Anri] どうしたの? ボクの顔に何かついてる?

What's wrong? Is there something on my face?

[Soyeon] あ、いえ!その、やっぱりすごいなぁって……

Ah, no! Um, I was just thinking that it was amazing…

[Narration] 杏里はPSを挑発するだけ挑発して、情報を引き出すと、最後には相手を立てるかたちでうまくまとめてしまった。

Anri had repeatedly provoked the PS, pulling out information, and finally, she had gathered everything while continuing to be respectful.

[Narration] そんな杏里の人となりに、ソヨンはあらためて舌をまいた。

Once again, So-yeon became tongue-tied at Anri's personality.

[Narration] 確かに杏里はPSに嫌われている。といっても、ただ憎まれるというよりは、その取っ組みにくさのせいで、非常に苦手とされているということらしい。

Anri is indeed disliked by the PS. However, rather than just being hated, it seemed that they're especially bad with her, because she was so hard to deal with.

[Narration] 杏里もPSへの怒りをあらわにすることはあっても、杏里自身に陰険なところはない。

Even if Anri had showed any anger towards the PS, Anri herself isn't cunning.

[Anri] おや、そんなふうに見えた?心のうちは今度こそ船倉最下層送りかもしれないって、ヒヤヒヤものだったよ!

Oh, did I seem that way? Inside my heart, I thought that I'd probably be sent all the way to the bottom of the hold, I was seriously afraid!
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