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[Anri] ……ソヨン。そこに立ってごらん。

…So-yeon. Try standing there.

[Soyeon] あ、はい。

Ah, yes.

[Narration] ソヨンのうしろに立つと、杏里はやさしく彼女の黒髪をかきわけた。

Standing behind So-yeon, Abri gently parted her black hair.

[Soyeon] あっ……。たんこぶ出来てますか?

Ahh…Is there a lump?

[Anri] ちょっと赤いかな。ここらへん……痛い?

Maybe a little red. Around here…does it hurt?

[Soyeon] す、すこし。

A-a little.

[Soyeon] でも……杏里さんの指、冷たくて気持ちがいいです。

But…your finger's cold, and it feels good.

[Anri] そう? ホント?

That so? Really?

[Narration] 気を良くした杏里は、乱れたソヨンの髪を、なめらかな手つきで梳(す)きけずる。

Anri, who felt better, combed through So-yeon's mussed hair with smooth hand movements.

[Narration] そのままこめかみや耳を揉んだり。

She stroked So-yeon's temple and ear.

[Narration] さらに髪の中に顔をうずめてしまいたい衝動を、必死にこらえた。

And she desperately resisted the impulse to bury her face further into So-yeon's hair.

[Narration] ソヨンは瞼をとじて、杏里のさせるままにしていた。

So-yeon closed her eyes, and let Anri do as she wished.

[Soyeon] すみませんでした。杏里さん。

I'm sorry, Anri-san.

[Anri] どうしてあやまるの?さっきからすこし変だったね。

Why're you apologizing? You've been acting weirdly since just now.


Could it be that…


I scare you?

[Anri] もしかして、ボクを怖がっている?ファン・ソヨン。

Could it be that you're scared of me? Fan So-yeon?

[Soyeon] え……そう見えました?

Eh…did I seem that way?

[Narration] うなずく杏里。

Anri nodded.

[Soyeon] いえ、いいえ! ちょっと緊張していたかもしれませんけど、別に杏里さんを怖がったりなんか!

N-no! I was probably a little nervous, but I wasn't scared of you!

[Anri] そう? だったらいいんだけど。

That so? It'd be nice if it was, but…


Do you like dark places?

[Anri] 暗い場所が好きなの?ファン・ソヨン。

Do you like dark places? Fan So-yeon?

[Soyeon] え? 特に好きとか嫌いとかはありません……杏里さんはお好きなんですか?

Eh? I don't especially like or dislike them…Do you like them, Anri-san?

[Anri] 相手による。孤独や憂鬱が相手なら、忌むべき場所となる。

Depends on what accompanies me. If loneliness and melancholy, dark places should be avoided.

[Anri] けれどもボクの愛しい子猫ちゃんと一緒なら、格別な時間をもたらしてくれる。

But if I'm together with my lovable kitten, they bring with them a special time.

[Soyeon] そ、そうですね……子猫はとっても可愛いですし……

Th-that's right…kittens are really cute…

[Narration] ソヨンも杏里も並んで思案顔になる。

So-yeon and Anri both had thoughtful expressions.

[Anri] (なんかヘンなんだけど……これ以上は今はやめとこう)

(It's kind of strange, but…I'll refrain from going any further than this right now.)


Are you afraid of heights?

[Anri] もしかして高いところが怖いの?ファン・ソヨン。

Could it be that you're afraid of heights? Fan So-yeon?

[Soyeon] え!


[Narration] 少女はきっかり1センチ飛びあがった。

The girl leapt up

[Soyeon] い、いえっそんなことありませんですよ!高いところ大好き!

N-no, I'm not! I love high places!

[Anri] くすっ


[Narration] 合点のいった杏里は微笑んだ。ソヨンは部屋に入って以来ずっと、窓を背にしていたのだ。遙か下に海原を見おろす窓を。

Anri, who had hit the mark, smiled. Ever since entering the room, So-yeon had faced the window with her back. The window which looked down upon the expanse of ocean far below.

[Anri] いいんだよ。誰にも言ったりしないから。苦手なものは誰だってあるよね。

It's fine. I won't tell anyone. Everyone's bad with something.

[Soyeon] いえ、あの……

No, um…

[Narration] ソヨンは気落ちしたように、うなだれている。

As if disappointed, So-yeon hung her head.

[Anri] そんな顔、ソヨンには似合わないって。もうこの部屋は出ようか。

That expression doesn't fit you. Shall we leave this room?

[Anri] で、ベッドの下はどうだった?

Then, how was it under the bed?

[Soyeon] 痛かったです。


[Soyeon] あ、違いますっ。えっと、結局めぼしいものはありませんでした。

Ah, that isn't it. Um, in the end, there wasn't anything that stuck out.

[Anri] こっちもだ。やあ残念。なに、まだ策はあるさ。

Same for me. Well, that's a shame. We've still got a plan, though.
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