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[Narration] 天京院の部屋から歩み出た二人は生活区画の中央部までくるとはたと立ち止まった。

The two who stepped out of Tenkyouin's room made their way all the way to the residential area before stopping.

[Anri] ねえソヨン、現場ってどこ?学生個室とまでは聞いたけど。

Hey So-yeon, where's the crime scene? I've heard things like it was a students room.

[Soyeon] えっと、たしかビジターの子たちの噂では、セカンドクラスに在籍していたと──

Um, it's true that, according to the rumours among the visitors, somebody enrolled in the second class a—

[Anri] セカンド? ボクと同じ?

The second? The same as me?

[Soyeon] ご存知ありませんか

Don't you know?

[Anri] うーん……


[Narration] ───この学園船は三つの学年「ファーストクラス」「セカンドクラス」「サードクラス」に分かれている。

—The three academic years on this ship are divided into 'First Class', 'Second Class', and 'Third Class'.

[Narration] 一学年は各1クラスのみで、学生数も各30人ほど。

The first years are only in class one, and the number of students is about 30 in each class.

[Narration] ビジタークラスはさらにその下部に位置し、三ヶ月ほどの体験入学的なカリキュラムが組まれている。

The visitors are placed even lower, there's a trial enrollment curriculum that lasts about three months.

[Narration] 各国のVIPである両親たちが、将来この船で本格的なお嬢様教育を受けさせるかどうかを決める、様子見コースといったところだ。

It's an observation course where the VIP parents from every country can decide whether or not to have their daughters receive the training of a refined ojou-sama on this ship in the future.

[Narration] そういったビジターたちを加えても、総学生数は二百人に及ばない。その気になれば7千人の乗客を収容可能なこの船が、いかに贅沢に運航されているかわかる。

Even if you add in the visitors, the total number of students is less than 200. I think you know how luxuriously this ship, which could if made to fit 7000 passengers, is ran.

[Anri] うーん……誰かなあ……ミュシア?いや、それともペラ?ファティマ? アニュータ?

Mmm…I wonder who…Musia? Or could it be Pera? Fatima? Anuta?

[Anri] ……ぜんぜん思い出せないや。

…I can't remember at all.

[Anri] ああ、ほら。この学園の学生たちって、みんな実家のお家騒動だなんだで、けっこう出入りが激しいだろ?

Aah, look. The students of this school are always a subject of strife among their families, so entry and exit is pretty fierce, huh?

[Soyeon] そうですね。嫁ぎ先が決まって寿退学される人もいますよね。

That's true. There's people who've been withdrawn from the school because their fiancee's been decided.

[Anri] そうだよ。ひどく嘆かわしいことだ。

That's right. It was really horrible.

[Soyeon] あたしはクラスメートのことだったら小学校時代からみんな覚えてます。

I remember every one of my classmates ever since elementary school.

[Anri] ボクもきみのクラスの名前と誕生日は全員覚えてるんだがなあ。

I also remember the names and birthdays of all the people in your class though.

[Soyeon] すごい、杏里さん!ご自分のクラスは?

That's amazing Anri-san! What about your own class?

[Anri] 3人、あいや、5人くらいなら……

Well, I think 3…no, 5 people…

[Narration] 「杏里様?」


[Anri] うん?


[Narration] 二人の前を、大きな郵便物のバッグを持ったイライザ・ランカスターが通りがかった。

Eliza Lancaster, carrying a large postbag, passed in front of the two.

[Eliza] こんにちは、杏里様。ソヨン様もごいっしょですか?

Good day, Anri-sama. Are you together with her, So-yeon-sama?

[Soyeon] こんにちは。イライザさん。

Hello, Eliza-san.

[Anri] やあイライザ。いいところに。

Ah, Eliza. Good timing.

[Eliza] それでは失礼いたしますね。

Then, sorry to have disturbed you.

[Anri] そっかあ、そうだよ。部屋のことなら君に聞けばよかったんだ。うん。

Ah, that's right. I should have asked you about the room.

[Anri] 例の事件だけど、いろいろ(かなえさんが)考えたあげく、やはり最初は現場に立ち戻るべきであるという結論に至ってさ。

This is about the incidents before, but after doing some thinking, (Kanae-san, that is,) we reached the conclusion that we should first return to the crime scene.

[Anri] つまり、一番最近の被害者の部屋なんだけど、よかったらその場所をね?

In short, the room of the culprit closest to this place. Would you mind telling us?

[Anri] なにしろほら、この船って異常に広いだろ?だから……

In any case, this ship is unusually big, right? So…

[Soyeon] 杏里さん。イライザさん行っちゃいました。

Anri-san. Eliza-san left.

[Anri] あれっ、




[Narration] すでにイライザの姿は湾曲した廊下の向こうへと消えつつある。

Eliza's figure was already disappearing beyond the curve of the corridor.

[Eliza] ハ────イ!


[Eliza] いかがなさいましたぁ───!

I've been weeellll!



[Anri] あのさぁ───!



This is about the incideeeents!

[Anri] ほら───!



About the girls who've been raped recently!

[Eliza] レ、イ、プでございますかぁ───!

R-A-P-E, did you saaay!?

[Anri] そう!レ──イ──プ────!

Yeah! R - A - P - E!

[Soyeon] あああ杏里さん杏里さんっ。

Aaah, Anri-san, Anri-san.

[Anri] どうかした? ソヨン。

What's up, So-yeon?

[Soyeon] イライザさん、すごくお忙しいようです。あたしたちがご一緒したほうが……?

It seems like Eliza-san's really busy. Wouldn't going with her be better…?

[Anri] それもそうか。

Ah, there's something in that.
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