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[Tenkyouin] ああもう、とにかくコーヒーだ。

Ahh, geez. In any case, I need coffee.

[Narration] 天京院は苦虫をかみつぶしたような顔で、手元のリモコンを押した。

With a sour expression, Tenkyouin pressed the remote control by her hand.

[Narration] ドラム缶がガタコンと倒れ、中から大量のコーヒー豆が夕立のごとく降り注ぐ。

A drum tilted, and from inside, a large amount of coffee beans poured down, just like an evening shower.

[Narration] ざーっががががががががっがりがりがりがりがりがりがりがりっ!


[Narration] 下で待ち受けていた、だるまストーブそっくりの機械が、けたたましい破砕音をがなり立てる。

Catching the influx below was a machine exactly like a daruma stove, which screamed with a cracking noise.

[Narration] が、火花と煙を吹き出し、たちまち鳴りやんでしまった。

However, belching out smoke and sparks, it suddenly stopped screaming.

[Narration] ががっ





… …



[Anri] あっ、煙吹いた。

Ah, it blew out smoke.

[Tenkyouin] のぉぉぉ!


[Anri] やっぱり注ぎすぎじゃない?

Isn't it pouring out too much?

[Tenkyouin] めんどうだからこれでいいの。

It's troublesome, so this is fine.

[Soyeon] えほえほっ!むせかえるほどに香ばしい煙がっ

*Cough Cough*! That smoke's sweet enough to choke someone!

[Tenkyouin] モーターをカリカリにチューンしたばかりなのに……ぶつぶつ……

I just tuned the motor…*Cough Cough*…

[Soyeon] 豆を挽くのでしたら、その機械の横についてるミキサーを使って───

If you're going to grind coffee beans, then please use that mixer right next to that contraption—

[Narration] ソヨンの言うとおり、黒煙を吹き出すミルらしき機械の横には、なぜか電動ミキサーが装着されていた。

Just as So-yeon had said, for some reason an electric mixer was installed next to the machine, which was apparently a mill.

[Narration] 天京院と杏里が顔を見合わせた。

Tenkyouin and Anri looked at each other.

[Tenkyouin] どうしてさ?

Why'd we do that?

[Anri] そうだよソヨン? きみらしくもない。

Yeah, why So-yeon? That's not like you.

[Anri] きみは服を乾かすのに、電子レンジを使ったりするかい? 硬い肉を切るのに、チェーンソー使ったりは?

Do you use an electric stove to dry your clothes? Do you use a chainsaw to cut hard meat?

[Soyeon] いえ?


[Tenkyouin] そう。そういうこと。

That's right. So that's how it is.

[Narration] 天京院はビッと杏里を指さした。

Tenkyouin stabbed a finger at Anri.

[Anri] うんうん。ボクもね、最初はソヨンみたいに思ったんだけど、かなえさんに言われて「あっそうか!」って思ったんだ。

Hear, hear. I also thought the same way as you at the beginning, but having been spoken to by Kanae-san, I thought: 'Yeah, I get it!'

[Soyeon] は、はい。

I-I see.

[Narration] 「じゃ、どうしてミキサーが付いているんですか?」という問いは、絶対の禁句であると、まだ二人のノリに不慣れなソヨンにも推察できた。

Even So-yeon, not used to the rhythm of these two, intuitively understood that the question: 'Then, why's there a mixer attached to it?' was a forbidden line.

[Narration] なにしろ、壁に陳列された機械から、床に打ち捨てられたガラクタにいたるまで、ミキサーの付属していない発明品は一つも無いのだ。

In any case, from the machine displayed on the wall to the trash on the floor, there wasn't an invention which didn't have a mixer attached to it.

[Anri] あれ? でもさ───

Huh? But—

[Anri] どうしてミキサーがついてるの?かなえさん。

Why's there mixers attached, Kanae-san?

[Soyeon] …………

… …

[Tenkyouin] ……だって便利じゃないか?

Isn't it convenient that way?

[Anri] あっ、そうか!さすが、かなえさん!

Ah, I get it! As expected of Kanae-san!

[Soyeon] え、えっと。


[Soyeon] それでですね、私たち早くも捜査に行き詰まってしまって。

Well, we ran into a dead end in our investigation pretty quickly.

[Tenkyouin] そんなことで、あたしの知的活動を邪魔しに?

You came to disturb my intellectual pursuits because of that?

[Anri] 怒らないでよ、かなえさん。

Don't get angry, Kanae-san.

[Tenkyouin] 怒ってない。怒りを通り越して、呆れている。

I'm not angry. I've passed beyond anger, into the realm of stupefaction.

[Tenkyouin] その呆れを通り越して、めらめらと怒りすら湧いてきた。

I've also passed beyond that stupefaction, and now even anger is welling up.

[Anri] やっぱり怒ってる!

So you are angry!

[Tenkyouin] だいたい、もっぱら犯人扱いされている杏里がのこのこ出ていって、ハイそうですかと会わせてくれるわけ、ないだろ?

To sim it up, there's no way that the victim would stroll out, go, 'Oh, I see,' and meet with Anri, who's being completely treated as the criminal, right?

[Anri] おお(ぽむ)


[Tenkyouin] ああもう、少しは考えたまえよ。ソヨン、君も。

Geez, just think about it a little! You too, So-yeon.

[Soyeon] ごめんなさい。

I'm sorry.

[Narration] しゅんとなった杏里とソヨンの前を、コーヒーカップを持った天京院が行ったり来たりする。

Tenkyouin, holding a coffee cup, paced back in forth in front of So-yeon and Anri, who had began feeling rather depressed.

[Tenkyouin] 先が思いやられる。まったく。

I sympathize with the victim. Really.

[Tenkyouin] 捜査はね。なによりまず、現場に立ちかえることが基本だよ。振り出しに戻ったら、何度でも現場に足を向ける。

In an investigation, before anything else, it's fundamental that you return to the scene of the crime. If you go back to square one, turn to the scene, no matter how many times you have to do it.

[Anri] なるほどー。ね、かなえさんも一緒に来てよ。

I see~. Hey, come with us, Kanae-san.

[Tenkyouin] やだよそんなの。面倒くさい。

No way. It's troublesome.

[Narration] 天京院は残りすくないカップの中味を愛おしむようにゆっくりと傾けた。

Tenkyouin tilted the little content left inside the cup slowly, looking as if she was savoring it.

[Tenkyouin] 君たちが目を見開き、鼻を利かせ、正確に報告してくれれば、あたしにとっては、それでこと足りる。

if you open your eyes, sniff around, and give me an accurate report, that'd be sufficient for me.

[Tenkyouin] 要は足を使うこと。

The important thing is to use your feet.

[Tenkyouin] それなら不健康なあたしよりも、あんたたちのほうが向いてる。そうだろ?

Since that's the case, you guys are far more suited to this task than the unhealthy me. Isn't that right?

[Soyeon] はい。わかりました!天京院先輩。

Yes. Got it, Tenkyouin-senpai!

[Tenkyouin] よし。ああ、敬礼はいいから。

Alright. There's no need to bow.

[Tenkyouin] それから杏里、きみは容疑者としての自覚がまったく…………ああっ!?

And also, Anri, your self awareness as a suspect is really…Ahh!?

[Soyeon] どうしたんですか? 天京院先輩?

What's wrong? Tenkyouin-senpai?

[Narration] 天京院は見るだにうろたえて、カップの底を望遠鏡のようにのぞきこんでいる。

Even as she watched, Tenkyouin became flustered, and she stared at the bottom of her cup like it was a telescope.

[Tenkyouin] 豆、豆! 

Beans, beans!


We're out of beans!

[Tenkyouin] 杏里、買い置きの豆は?

Anri, where's the beans you bought?

[Anri] たった今50キロほどダメにしたばかりじゃないか。

Didn't we just decide that 50kg was too much?

[Anri] めんどくさがって、残り全部挽こうとしたんだろ? だったら───

And since it seemed troublesome, we just tried to grind everything that was left, right? So—

[Tenkyouin] ああもうっ、こうしちゃいられないっ。購買部通りまで買いに行ってくる!

Geez, this won't do at all. Go buy some from the shopping passage!
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