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[Tenkyouin] ……

… …



[Tenkyouin] 杏里。


[Tenkyouin] それと、ファン・ソヨン。

And Fan So-yeon.

[Tenkyouin] どうして早速ふたりともあたしの部屋に入りびたってるんだ。

Why is it that the both of you started hanging around in my room so quickly?


That's because-


We trust Kanae-san, you know?

[Anri] それはもちろん! かなえさんを信頼しているからじゃないか。

That's obvious! Isn't it because we have faith in Kanae-san?

[Tenkyouin] 信頼はたやすく依存にすりかわるものだ。

Faith is something which can easily change into reliance.

[Soyeon] ご、ごめんなさい、天京院先輩!

I-I'm sorry, Tenkyouin-senpai!

[Soyeon] 被害者の方に面会しようと思ったんですけど、杏里さんの顔を見ただけで、塩を撒いて追い払われてしまって。

We were thinking of meeting with the victims, but upon seeing Anri-san's face, they scattered salt and we were driven away.

[Tenkyouin] PSに? ……塩?

By the PS?…And, salt?

[Anri] そう。しかも死海で採れた岩塩だよ。こんなガチガチした、大粒の。ボクを嫌うにもほどがあるよ。

Yeah. Furthermore, rock salt they picked up at the Dead Sea. Clattering, big pieces of it. There's got to be a limit to hating me.

[Soyeon] あ、それってたしか入浴剤にも使われていますよね。

Ah, also, there was definitely some bath salt that was used on us.

[Anri] え、ホント? わあい、トクしちゃった。

Eh, really? Ew, it's all over me.

[Tenkyouin] タダでは転ばないな、きみは。

You just won't shut up.

[Anri] かわいい後輩もこう言っとるし、今日のところは許してやっちゃあくれませんか。

My cute underclassman also said this, so won't you forgive us for today?

[Tenkyouin] 何様だ、きみは!

Who the hell are you!

[Anri] 王子様さ。

A prince.


Well, let's have some tea.

[Narration] 慣れた手つきでお茶の準備をする杏里と、手伝うソヨンが、天京院を見た。

Anri prepared the tea with a practiced hand, and So-yeon, who helped her, looked at Tenkyouin.

[Anri] うん。これには深いわけがあるんだ。

Mm. There's a deep meaning to this.

[Soyeon] 杏里さんが「とにかくかなえさんに相談だ」って。

Anri-san said 'Anyways, let's go consult Kanae-san'.

[Tenkyouin] どこが深いわけだ。もう捜査に行き詰まったのか?

Where is this deeper meaning. Have we investigated this fully?

[Soyeon] そうなんです。被害者の方への面会を断られてしまって。

That's how it is. We were refused from meeting the victims.

[Anri] うん。てっとりばやく証言がもらえると思ったんだけどね。

Yes, though I thought that we'd be able to get a testimony immediately.

[Anri] 女の子が保護されてるゲストルームに行ったら、入り口でPSに追い返されちゃって。あははは。

When we went to the guest room where the girls are being protected, we were chased away by the PS at the entrance. Ahahaha.

[Tenkyouin] あははは、じゃない。まさか杏里、「被害者に犯人おしえてもーらおっ」

Don't just 'ahahahaha'. Anri, could you be thinking something selfish like─

[Tenkyouin] ───なんてムシのいいことを考えた?

─'Let's just get the victims to tell us the perpetrator'?

[Anri] すごい! かなえさんって、ボクのことなら何でもわかるんだね!?

Amazing! Kanae-san understands everything about me, huh!?

[Tenkyouin] 杏里の頭の中味なら、アインシュタインの論文と同じくらいよくわかる。

I know about what goes on in Anri's head as well as I know Einstein's thesis.

[Soyeon] ごめんなさい、天京院先輩。でもあたしたち、もう途方に暮れてしまって。

I'm sorry Tenkyouin-senpai. But we've already stopped in the middle.

[Soyeon] あの、お邪魔したお詫びといっては何ですが。

Um, how does one apologize for interrupting?

[Narration] ソヨンは雑然とした机の上へ、プラスチックの容器と小皿を並べた。

So-yeon lined up containers and small dishes on the disorderly table.

[Tenkyouin] その見るからにカラそうな色のタッパーは何? お菓子じゃなさそうだけど。

What's that spicy-looking stuff in that container? It doesn't seem to be a snack, but…

[Soyeon] あ。これ、コーヒーに合うかと思いまして。キムチです。

Ah. I thought that this might go well with coffee. It's kimchi.

[Tenkyouin] ……キムチ?


[Soyeon] あたしが漬けました。我が家の自慢の味なんです。どうぞご遠慮なく。

I pickled it myself. It's my family's prided taste, so don't hold back and have some.

[Tenkyouin] コーヒーに? キムチ?自室に漬け物の瓶を置いてるって?

With coffee? Kimchi? You keep bottles of pickled things in your room?

[Tenkyouin] うわ、激烈な匂いだっ、目に染みる!どこの韓国人だきみは。

Uwah, that's one hell of a smell, it's getting in my eyes! Are you some sort of Korean?

[Soyeon] そうですよ?

That's right, you know?

[Anri] おいしそうだよ、かなえさん。一つ食べてごらんよ。

It looks delicious, Kanae-san. Try eating one.

[Tenkyouin] 杏里こそ。

No, you go ahead, Anri.
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