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[Anri] うん。それじゃあ、H.B.ポーラースター「杏里&ソヨン探偵社」の結成ということで────

Yeah. Then, the formation of H.B. Polarstar's 'Anri & So-yeon Detective Agency'─


Mm, wait a minute, alright?


'Anri & So-yeon Detective Agency' is great!

[Anri] よろしく頼むよ、ファン・ソヨン。

I'll be in your care, Fan So-yeon.

[Soyeon] はい、こちらこそよろしくお願いします!

Yes, and I'll be in yours as well!

[Soyeon] ……ところで探偵社の所長はどなたなんですか?

…By the way, who's the head of this detective agency?

[Anri] ……ボクら二人じゃなさそうだ。

…It doesn't seem to be us two.


I think that 'A&S Research' is better─

[Anri] ……横文字だと、らしい、かな?よし。なら二人の頭文字をとって「A&Sリサーチ」にしよう。

Doesn't that seem kind of western? Alright. Let's take our initials, 'A&S Research'.

[Anri] いや、まだ略し足りないぞ。いっそ「ASR」に縮めよう!ASR、ASR! いいね?

No, it isn't abbreviated enough. Might as well shorten it to 'ASR'! ASR…ASR! Isn't that good?

[Soyeon] 名前負けしてませんか?

Won't we be excluding our names?

[Anri] お揃いの帽子とトレーナーとパーカーも作って、あ、名刺も刷らないと。

Ah I have to make matching hats, trainers, and parkas, oh, and I also have to write up some namecards.

[Soyeon] やりすぎですよ〜っ。

You're going overboard~.


How's 'The Main Office of Investigation of the Consecutive Rape Incidents on the Polarstar'?

[Soyeon] 「杏里&ソヨン探偵社」がいいです。

'Anri & So-yeon Detective Agency' is fine.

[Anri] だったら「ポ号連続レイプ事件特別捜査室」で……

If you're going to say that, 'The Special Investigators of the Consecutive Rape Incidents on the Polarstar'…

[Soyeon] 「杏里&ソヨン探偵社」がいいです。

'Anri & So-yeon Detective Agency' is fine.

[Anri] ……そうだね。ボクもそんな気がしてきた。

…Yeah, that's right. I'm starting to feel that way too.


Alright, it's decided~. 'Polarstar Investigation Committee'.

[Anri] ポーラースター調査委員会!うん、これでいこう。

Polarstar Investigation Committee! Yes, let's go with that.

[Soyeon] 二人でも委員会ですか?

Can two people still be called a committee?

[Anri] ヘレナなんて、たった一人でも風紀委員長だよ?

Helena's the morals committee by herself, y'know?

[Soyeon] ヘレナ先輩の風紀委員会って、お一人だったんですか?

Was Helena-senpai's morals committee just one person?

[Anri] そうさ。幽霊委員はたくさんいるんだけど。

That's right. There's a lot of people in the ghost committee though.


'Aso-Team' would be…

[Anri] アソ団。アソ団にいたします。

Aso-Team. Let's do Aso-Team

[Soyeon] 「アソ」?


[Anri] 杏里のアと、ソヨンのソだよ?

Anri's 'A', and So-yeon's 'So', right?

[Anri] おお、かなえさんを仲間はずれにしてはいけない。じゃあ「アソカ団」!

Ooh, we can't leave Kanae-san out of this. It'll be 'Asoka-Team'!

[Soyeon] アソカ団……


[Narration] アソカは、サンスクリット語で「無憂」を示す。脳天気な杏里には、意外にぴったりな言葉かもしれない。

Asoka means 'Without Sadness' in Sanskrit. Unexpectedly, they're probably the perfect words for the optimistic Anri.

[Anri] アソカ団!


[Soyeon] アソカ団…………


[Anri] アソカ団! アソカだーん!

Asoka-Team! Asoka-Teeeaaam!
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