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[Narration] 天京院の部屋を出た二人は、大廊下の一角にある、プリアン装飾のほどこされたスツールに腰かけていた。

Having exited Tenkyouin's room, the two sat themselves on stools donated by Prian Ornaments, standing in a corner of the hallway.

[Anri] ビックリしたろう、ソヨン。

You must've been surprised, So-yeon.

[Anri] かなえさんも悪気があって言ってるわけじゃないんだ。

There's no way Kanae-san said that with malicious intent.

[Soyeon] お二人は仲がいいんですね。

You two are very close, aren't you.

[Anri] うん。まあね。

Yeah, I guess.

[Anri] でもそうか、へへ。

But I see. Hehe.

[Anri] きみを護れるのは、ボク一人しかいないんだ。ふふーん。ほー。へへへ。

There's nobody but me who can protect you. Fufu~. Hehehe.

[Soyeon] あたしも安心しました。

I'm relieved.

[Anri] え……?


[Narration] 一人悦に入っていた杏里は、とぼけ顔で少女を見る。

Anri, who had started rejoicing by herself, looked at the girl with an innocent expression.

[Narration] はにかむような力のない表情で、ソヨンは握った手の甲を見た。

With a powerless expression, seemingly shy, So-yeon at the back of her clenched hands.

[Soyeon] 襲われるのは、あたしだったんだ……

The one who's going to be attacked is me…

[Anri] 推測さ。はずれることだってある。

It's just a deduction. It could be off.

[Soyeon] 杏里さんは天京院先輩のこと、信じてないんですか?

Don't you believe Tenkyouin-senpai?

[Anri] 信じてる。尊敬してる。かなえさんの言うことなら間違いなし。

I believe her. I respect her. If it's something that Kanae-san says, then it can't be wrong.

[Soyeon] ……

… …

[Anri] あっ……ああ、えーと、大丈夫だよ!たとえそんな事態になっても、ボクがきみを護るもの。

Ah…Aah, um, it's all right! Even if things get like that, I will protect you.

[Anri] かなえさんの推測だって、決して100%じゃなかった。残りの何たらパーセントがつまり、ボクの力ってことだ。

I mean, Kanae-san's deduction wasn't absolutely 100%. The remaining whatever percent is in other words, my power.

[Anri] なにしろキミを護れるのは、このボクだけ──

In any case, I'm the only one who can protect you—

[Narration] ソヨンはうなだれたままで、一向に明るい顔にならない。

So-yeon continued to hang her head, and her face did not brighten in the slightest.

[Anri] ……ねえ、ソヨン。安心しました……って?

Hey, So-yeon. You said that…you were relieved?

[Anri] ボクがこんなふうに言うのはヘンだけど。自分が襲われるかもしれないのに、安心できるのかい?

It's a little strange that I'm putting it this way, but…even though you'll most likely be attacked, you can be relieved?

[Narration] ソヨンは泣きそうな顔で、杏里を見た。

So-yeon looked at Anri with a face which was close to tears.

[Soyeon] ……杏里さん、ごめんなさい。

…I'm sorry, Anri-san.

[Anri] 謝るようなことは何も───

There's nothing you should apolo—

[Soyeon] でも、杏里さん、あたし。

But Anri-san, I—

[Soyeon] あたし、どうしても杏里さんが犯人だっていう疑いを捨てきれなくて。

I can't rid myself of the suspicion that Anri-san is the criminal, no matter what I do.

[Anri] え……


[Soyeon] 本当にごめんなさい。

I'm so sorry.

[Anri] ソヨン……?


[Narration] ソヨンはせいいっぱいの笑顔をつくった。その薄い肩は震えていた。

So-yeon formed a full smile. Those thin shoulders were trembling.

[Narration] 明日にも何者かの手で純潔を奪われる。そう宣言されたばかりなのだ。一人の少女が冷静でいられるわけがなかった。

Tomorrow, your purity will be stolen by somebody. This was just declared to her. There was no way a single girl could maintain her composure.

[Soyeon] 女の子一人で犯人を捜そうだなんて、無謀なのはよくわかってます。

I know that for a single girl to search for a criminal is reckless.

[Soyeon] でも、あの子たちがそんな恐ろしい目に会うかと思うと……いてもたってもいられなくて。

But, when I think that those girls met such a terrifying person…I can't calm down.

[Soyeon] クレアや、ミリエラや、コーたちを護ってあげたいんです。私の手で。

I want to protect Claire, and Miriella, and Kou, and all the others. With these hands of mine.

[Narration] ふるえるソヨンを見つめながら、杏里はハッと気がついた。

Whilst staring at So-yeon, who was trembling, Anri came back to reality.

[Anri] ……すると捜査に協力するというのも、ボクを監視するつもりで?

…Then, is helping me in the investigation also done with the intention of keeping an eye on me?

[Soyeon] はい。その通りです。

Yes. Exactly.

[Soyeon] 杏里さんにとってみたら、本当に失礼な話ですよね。ほんとに……

If I look at this from your point of view, this really is very rude, isn't it. Really…

[Soyeon] 黙っていようとも思ったけれど、だめ。そんなの、杏里さんを騙していることになるもの。

I had thought of just staying silent, but I couldn't. I would be deceiving you.

[Anri] ……

… …

[Soyeon] 杏里さんと、天京院先輩の思いやり、感じます。お互いに信じあってる。あたしにもこんなに親切にしてくれてる。

I can feel Anri-san and Tenkyouin-senpai's empathy. You trust each other. And you treated me as closely as you treat her.

[Soyeon] 杏里さんがとってもいい人だって、こんなに良くわかるのに、どうして心の底から信じることが、できないんだろ?

Even though I know so well that you're such a good person, why can't I trust you from the bottom of my heart?

[Soyeon] 変ですよね。自分の心なのに。どうしようもできないなんて……

It's so strange. It's my heart, yet no matter what I do, I can't…

[Narration] ふるえるソヨンの手に、杏里はゆっくりと手を重ねた。

Anri slowly laid her palm atop So-yeon's quivering hand.

[Anri] 焦ったりすることない。むやみに怖がったりすることも無いんだ。

This isn't something to get so worked up over. Nor is it something to get so inexplicably fearful over.

[Anri] 自分を責めちゃだめだ、ソヨン。

Don't blame yourself, So-yeon.

[Narration] 一分ほどもそのままだったろうか。ソヨンも手を引き戻そうとはせず、杏里の体温が伝わるにまかせていた。

Had they been sitting there like that for a minute? So-yeon didn't try to pull her hand back, and she entrusted it to Anri's hand, sharing her body heat.

[Narration] やがてソヨンにおだやかな笑顔が戻る。ゆっくりと顔をあげる。

Eventually, a gentle smile returned to So-yeon's face. Slowly, she raised her head.

[Anri] 落ち着いた?

Have you calmed down?

[Soyeon] …………

… … … …



[Narration] 杏里はそっと指を離すと、自分の肩に両手をまわし、ぎゅっと目を閉じる。

Anri let go of her fingers, and encircling her own shoulders with her hands, she shut her eyes tight.

[Anri] ああ、ソヨン。

Ahh, So-yeon.

[Anri] 本当はこのボクの腕で抱きしめ、きみの震えを止めてあげたい。

I really want to embrace you with these hands, I really want to stop your trembling.

[Anri] けれど今それはしない。

But I won't, not right now.

[Anri] ボクのことはゆっくりでいいんだ。信じてくれたら嬉しいけれど、べつに今すぐとは言わない。

It's fine if you go slowly with me. I'd be happy if you trusted me, but you don't need to say it now.

[Soyeon] でも三週間したら、杏里さんは……!

But after three weeks, you'll…!

[Anri] かもね。


[Anri] けど、長い短いなんて関係ないよ。ボクは今日一日でファン・ソヨンのことが大好きになったもの。

But, whether it's long or short has nothing to do with it. Today, I started to like Fan So-yeon.

[Anri] だから最後の一日だけでも、ソヨンがボクのことを信じてくれたら、それでいいんだ。

So, even if it's just the last day, if So-yeon believes me, that alone is fine.

[Anri] だいいち、船を降りるといっても、まだ30日もあるしね。

First of all, there's still 30 days before we disembark from the ship.

[Anri] ……アレ? 20日? 25日?

…Huh? Is it 20? 25?

[Anri] 月月火水木金金───


[Narration] 指折り数える杏里の横で、ソヨンはボッと顔をあからめた。

Next to Anri, who was counting off the days with her fingers, So-yeon'a face reddened.

[Soyeon] あたしも杏里さんが……

I also…


Like Anri-san…so, I want…to believe you…

[Anri] ほんとっ?


[Narration] 消え入りそうな声を、杏里は聞き逃さなかった。

Anri did not let her voice, which seemed would disappear, escape.

[Soyeon] ……ハイ。天京院さんと杏里さんみたいに、信じあえるお友達になりたい、です。

…Yes. I want to become friends like you and Tenkyouin-senpai, who can trust each other.

[Anri] ……あ、そう。

…Ah, I see.

[Narration] ソヨンは杏里の前に背筋を伸ばして立った。

So-yeon stretched in front of Anri and stood up.

[Soyeon] あたし頑張ります!頑張って、本当の犯人を見つけます!

I'll do my best! I'll work hard and find the real culprit!

[Soyeon] きっとそれが、杏里さんと仲良くなる一番の近道でもあると思うんです。

I think that that's definitely the shortest route to take in order to get along with you.

[Anri] 近道は他にも色々あると思うけど。

I think there's a lot of other short routes you can take, though.

[Narration] 杏里のぼやきも、元気のエンジンがかかりはじめたソヨンの耳には届かない。

Anri's complaint didn't reach the ears of So-yeon, who had started her liveliness engine.

[Soyeon] これ以上、杏里さんが疑われたりしないように───

So that I won't doubt Anri-san any more than this—

[Anri] なにより、ビジターズを護るためにね?

More than anything, this is to protect the visitors, huh?

[Soyeon] はい! だから杏里さん、あたしに力を貸してください。

Yes! So Anri-san, please lend me your strength.
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