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[Tenkyouin] あたしが天京院鼎(てんきょういん・かなえ)。当事件の推理を担当する。

I am Tenkyouin Kanae. I will be taking charge of the detective work of this incident.

[Tenkyouin] 連続レイプ犯は、もっか捜査中。容疑者は杏里・アンリエット。

The chain of rapes is currently under investigation; the suspect is Anri Henriette.

[Tenkyouin] そして被害者は君。ファン・ソヨン。

And the victim is you, Fan So-yeon.

[Soyeon] えっ、あたしが……被害者?

Eh, I'm…the victim?

[Narration] 自己紹介もそこそこにして、天京院はずばり切り出した。

Leaving the self-introductions to that, Tenkyouin spoke unhesitatingly.

[Anri] かなえさん! 



That was way too sudden! You should take a more gentle approach—

[Tenkyouin] 優しくも無理矢理もあるかい。

Both gently and forcefully?

[Tenkyouin] ファン・ソヨン、君はこの三週間以内に連続レイプ犯の被害者となる内の一人と推測される。

Fan So-yeon, you are deduced to be one of the people who will be victims of the chain rapes in these three weeks.

[Tenkyouin] 断定といってもいい。

I would call it an evident conclusion.

[Soyeon] そんな……っなぜあたしなんですか、天京院先輩?

What…why me, Tenkyouin-senpai?

[Narration] 驚きと不安を隠せぬまま、ソヨンは聞き返した。

Not hiding her unease and surprise, So-yeon asked a question in return.

[Tenkyouin] 知らない。

I don't know.

[Anri] か、かなえさん……


[Tenkyouin] 動機とか手段は犯人に聞いてよ。

Don't ask me, but the perpetrator, when it comes to motives and methods.

[Tenkyouin] あたしは統計学的かつ、生殖生理学的な見地にのっとって、解答を導き出しただけなんだ。

I am only deriving a solution through statistics and reproductive biology.

[Tenkyouin] 的中確率は96.6パーセント。信頼に値するね。うん。

The probability of accuracy is 96.6%. It's worth trusting.

[Anri] 犯罪心理なんたらとか、プロファイリングとかは……

Criminal psychology and profiling is…

[Tenkyouin] そんなTVや映画の世界の学問は知らん。それだけじゃない。

I don't know anything about those fields from the world of TV and movies. And not only that.

[Tenkyouin] この推測の理由を今ここで細かに述べてしまえば、それだけで被害者を決定するパラメーターは変動し、予測は大きくずれてしまう。

The mere act of describing the reason for this deduction in detail will shift the parameters which determine the victim, and my prediction will deviate greatly.

[Tenkyouin] そうすれば、それだけ捜査も難しくなる。だから理由は教えられない。

Just by doing so, the investigation will become difficult. Therefore, I can't give you my reasons.

[Soyeon] 杏里さんは、ご存じなんですか?

Does Anri-san know them?

[Tenkyouin] 杏里には、どうせ教えても理解できずに右から左へ聞き流すだけだから、教えてない。

Even if I tell her my reasons, they'll just go in her right ear and out the left without her understanding a single thing, so I have not.

[Anri] いやあ、それほどでも。

No, I'm not that—

[Tenkyouin] 誉めてない。……でだ。

I'm not praising you…Anyways.

[Narration] 天京院はコーヒーの残りをあおると、机に手をついた。

Tenkyouin drank what was left of her coffee, and laid her hand on the table.

[Tenkyouin] いいか、よく聞くんだファン?ただ一つ言えることはね──

Alright, Fan, are you listening? The only thing I can say is—

[Tenkyouin] 君の身を護れるのは、世界でただ一人、この馬鹿しかいないってことなんだ。決して船の講師やPSたちじゃない。

The only person who can protect you in this world is none other than this idiot. It isn't the teachers on the ship nor the PS.

[Tenkyouin] この杏里・アンリエットしか、君を護れる者はいない。

Other than Anri Henriette, no one can protect you.

[Soyeon] ……!


[Anri] ……アレ? かなえさんは?護ってくれないの?

…Huh? Kanae-san won't protect her?

[Tenkyouin] あたしは忙しい。

I'm busy.

[Anri] そんなァ、かなえさん……

Kanae-san, that's…

[Tenkyouin] 忙しいったら忙しいんだ!

If I say I'm busy, it means I'm busy!

[Anri] もしこんな可愛いソヨンにもしものことがあったら、ボクは辛いよ。苦しいよ。きっと泣くだろうな。

If something happens to this cute So-yeon, it'll be painful. It would be so painful. I'd definitely cry.

[Anri] ボクが泣いてたら、かなえさんだって悲しいでしょ? ね? ね?

If I cry, you'd be sad, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?

[Tenkyouin] うう……泣きごと言うんじゃない。

Uu…stop complaining.

[Anri] かあなあえさああんんん───


[Tenkyouin] 白衣で鼻を拭くな!

Don't wipe your nose with a white shirt!

[Tenkyouin] とにかく、二人が協力して捜査にあたるのはいい。

Anyways, you two should cooperate and start investigating.

[Tenkyouin] 杏里が一人でやるよりも、格段の進展をみせるはず。相乗効果というヤツだ。

There should be a pointed difference in progress than if Anri did it herself. It's called synergy.

[Tenkyouin] が───だが───




[Anri] なに?

What is it?

[Tenkyouin] 陥る危険のほうも、飛躍的に増大するだろう。そこまではわかってる。推理の必要すらない。この警備の厳重な船を、自由に闊歩している奴だ……

The danger of getting trapped will also increase quickly. I know that much. I don't need to deduce anything. This is someone who's walking around freely on this security-heavy ship…

[Tenkyouin] ……手ごわいぞ。恐ろしく。

…That's difficult. Horrifying.

[Anri] ハイリスク・ハイリターンってこと?

High risk, high return?

[Tenkyouin] そう。

That's right.

[Narration] 杏里はしばらく天井を見ながら思索をめぐらせた。

For a moment, Anri flipped the idea around in her head as she stared at the ceiling.

[Anri] ……そっか。じゃあ、どっちを選んでも一緒だよね?

…I see. Then, no matter what we choose we'll be together, right?

[Tenkyouin] ハイリスク・ハイリターンの意味わかってないだろ、杏里。

You don't understand the meaning of high risk, high return, do you Anri.

[Narration] 天京院はやれやれとためいきをつく。

'Really.' Tenkyouin sighed.

[Tenkyouin] まあ、杏里の好きにしろ。

Well, do as you like.

[Anri] はーい。


[Anri] あっ、じゃあ、ソヨンと一緒にやることにはかなえさんも賛成してくれるんだね。

Ah, this means that Kanae-san approves of me doing it together with So-yeon, doesn't it?

[Tenkyouin] むだ口叩いているヒマがあったら、とっとと証拠を集めに行きな。

If you have time for idle chatter, then go gather evidence.

[Narration] すでに天京院は二人に背を向け、フラスコを傾けていた。

Tenkyouin had already turned her back to the two, and was tilting a flask.

[Narration] 無言の背の語る「でていけ」というサイン。そして、混じるかすかなシグナルを杏里は読みとった。

Her silent back spoke the signal: 'Get out'. And Anri caught the faint signal which was mixed in.

[Anri] ありがとう、かなえさん。

Thank you, Kanae-san.

[Soyeon] ありがとうございます、天京院先輩!また来ます。

Thank you very much, Tenkyouin-senpai! We'll come again.

[Tenkyouin] 来るな。特に平日は。実験の邪魔になる。

Don't. Especially during workdays. You'll interrupt my experiments.

[Tenkyouin] 来るなら、あー、土曜日。その時なら頭脳をフル回転させてあげられる。

If you're going to come then, ah, come on Saturdays. I'll be able to fully twist your brain around then.

[Anri] 大丈夫、ソヨン。かなえさんはいつだって相談にのってくれる。行こう。

Don't worry, So-yeon. We can always consult Kanae-san. Let's go.

[Narration] 扉をしめる間際、ソヨンは一人振り返る。

As she made to close the door, So-yeon turned back by herself.

[Soyeon] 天京院先輩?


[Tenkyouin] ……ん?


[Soyeon] 最後に一個だけ。

One last thing.

[Tenkyouin] 何。


[Soyeon] 杏里さんが「犯人ではない確率」は、いくつなんですか?

What's the 'probability that Anri-san isn't the criminal'?

[Tenkyouin] 100パーセント。


[Narration] 天京院はすかさず言った。

Said Tenkyouin without hesitation.

[Tenkyouin] 杏里は犯人じゃない。

Anri isn't the perpetrator.

[Soyeon] それも統計学ですか?

Is that also statistics?

[Tenkyouin] ……いや、あたしの勘。

…No, it's instinct.

[Tenkyouin] たとえ間違っても、女の子を相手に力で訴えるような奴じゃないさ。あの馬鹿は……

Even if I'm wrong, that idiot isn't the type to resort to violence against girls…

[Narration] 天京院の背に、ソヨンは深々と頭を下げた。

So-yeon deeply bowed her head to Tenkyouin's back.

[Soyeon] 今度来る時は、コーヒーに合うお菓子お持ちしますね?

I'll bring some snacks that suit coffee the next time I come, alright?

[Tenkyouin] 来るなってのに。

I thought I said 'don't come'.

[Narration] 扉が閉まり一人になってから、ぽつりと天京院はつぶやいた。

After the door closed and she was left alone, Tenkyouin muttered those words.

[Tenkyouin] 統計学的には0パーセント。だったら……信じてやるしかないだろ?

Statistically, it would be 0%. If so…there's nothing I can do but trust her, right?
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