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[Anri] あれ? 君もボクを?

Huh? You were also looking for me?

[Soyeon] はい。あの───

Yes. Um—

[Narration] 言いかけたソヨンを、ビジターたちがさえぎる。

The visitors interrupted So-yeon, who had spoken out.

[Clare] ダメだよソヨンちゃん!

You can't, So-yeon chan!

[Mirriela] 杏里先輩はオオカミですから。

Anri-senpai is a wolf!

[Coe] ソヨンちゃんおかされちゃうよぉ?

You'll be violated, you know, So-yeon-chan?

[Narration] ビジターたちは、袖を引いて必死にソヨンを遠ざけようとする。

The visitors pulled on her sleeves, desperately trying to distance So-yeon from Anri.

[Anri] ずいぶんだね。どれだけ噂に尾ひれがついてるんだい?

That's pretty thorough. Just how much have these rumours been exaggerated?

[Narration] 杏里は唇をとがらせて難色を示した。

Anri twisted her lips into a frown, showing her disapproval.

[Soyeon] そうだよ。みんなちょっと心配のしすぎ!杏里さんは悪い人じゃないって。

That's right. Everyone's worrying a little too much! Anri-san isn't a bad person.

[Clare] ソヨンちゃんは人が良すぎ!

So-yeon-chan is too good a person!

[Narration] ミリエラも腕組みしたまま肯く。

Miriella also nodded, arms still folded.

[Soyeon] むやみに人を疑っちゃだめ、クレア。さあ、運動したらおなか空いたでしょう。

You can't just suspect people without reason, Claire. Now then, since we've had some exercise, we're all hungry, right?

[Coe] ウン。ぺこぺこぉー。

Yeah. I'm starving.

[Soyeon] えーと、今日は18階の台湾レストランがおすすめかな? デザートにはなんと直径8インチの三色プリンつき。

Um, is the Taiwanese restaurant on the 18th floor recommended? For dessert, there's an 8-inch diameter tricolored pudding.

[Coe] わぁーい、プリーン。

Woooaah, pudding~.

[Mirriela] コーは、幼稚園児か?

Kou, are you a pre-schooler?

[Narration] 煮え切らない顔つきのクレアは、眉を寄せて、杏里をにらみつける。

With an irritated expression, Claire frowned and glared at Anri.

[Clare] 杏里先輩?


[Anri] なんだいクレア?そんなに怖い顔していると、未来の美人が台無しだよ?

What is it, Claire? If you make that kind of scary face, a beauty of the future will be ruined, you know?

[Clare] えっ、そ、そうですか?

Eh, i-is that so?

[Clare] じゃなくてぇっ!その、杏里先輩が犯人かどうか、わたしには分かりませんけど……

Or rather…! Um, I don't know if Anri-senpai is the perpetrator or not, but…

[Anri] ち〜が〜う〜って、ゆーのに!


[Clare] ……もしもソヨンちゃんを泣かしたりしたら、あたしたち杏里さんを憎みますよ。

…If you make So-yeon-chan cry, we'll hold a grudge against you.

[Clare] 絶対許しませんから。絶対。

We'll never forgive you. Never.

[Coe] 絶対だよ。

Never ever.

[Mirriela] ……

… …

[Narration] コーとミリエラも杏里に向き直る。つられて、騒がしかったビジターたちも一気に静まりかえった。

Kou and Miriella turned to face Anri. Noticing this, the visitors, who had been noisy, suddenly grew quiet.

[Anri] …………

… … … …


Please hear me out!

神に誓って! ソヨンを───

Swear to God! That you won't ma—

[Anri] ……よし、わかった。きみたちに約束する。

Alright, I get it. I'll promise you guys.

[Narration] いくつもの視線をほほに受け、杏里は自分の胸をぱしんと叩いた。

Taking several gazes upon her face, Anri smacked her own chest.

[Anri] もしボクの行いがもとでファン・ソヨンが悲しみの涙を流すようなことがあれば、ボクはすぐさま胸を突き、地獄へと赴こう!

If any act of mine is the cause of So-yeon crying tears of sadness, I will pierce my own chest, and journey towards hell!

[Soyeon] だ、ダメです!

Yo-you can't do that!

[Soyeon] 死んだりしたらダメですよ!

You can't die!

[Anri] ……いや、だから……ね?それだけの気構えを持ちつつ、きみと親交を暖めてゆきたいなあと……

…No…that's not what I…I was just thinking that I wanted to have a more intimate relationship with you, while having that kind of resolve…

[Coe] なぁんだ、死なないのか。

So…what, you're not going to die?

[Anri] なにか言った、コー?

Did you say something, Kou?

[Clare] わかりました、杏里先輩。ソヨンちゃんをお願いします。

I understand, Anri-sensei. Please take care of So-yeon-chan.

[Anri] ウィ。神に誓って──

Oui. I swear to God—

[Narration] 自信たっぷりに杏里が告げる。後ろ髪を引かれながらも、クレアは次の目的地へと向かった。

Anri spoke those words, full of confidence. Even whilst pulling at the back of her hair, Claire faced towards the next target area.

[Mirriela] ……杏里先輩は無神論者って聞いたぞ。

…I heard that Anri-Senpai is an atheist.

[Clare] じゃあ同性愛の神様なのかな……?

Then, the God of homosexual love…?

[Coe] ソヨンちゃん、気をつけてねえ。

Please be careful, So-yeon-chan.

[Narration] 手を振るビジターたちは、またガヤガヤと騒ぎたてながらエレベーターフロアへと向かった。

While starting up their chatter, the visitors waved and headed towards the elevator lobby.

[Narration] 残った二人は、並んで庭園を歩きだす。

The two people left behind started walking the gardens, side by side.

[Narration] 頭ひとつ以上も小柄なソヨンは、杏里をふり仰いではにかんだ。

The petite So-yeon looked up at Anri, one head above her.

[Soyeon] えへへ……なんだか、どっちが面倒を見られているのかわからないや。

Ehehe…Somehow, I don't know which of us is being taken care of.

[Soyeon] ダメですね、あたし。もっとしっかりしないとナ。

I really am no good. I have to pull it together.


No, you'll become a demon.

[Anri] ……きみたちにとって、ファン・ソヨンが侵すべからざる神聖な存在ということはわかった。

…I know that, for you guys, Fan So-yeon is a holy existence which cannot be violated.

[Anri] でも、彼女がどうしたいか、それはソヨン自身が決めることさ。彼女は誰のものでない、だろ?

But, what she wants to do is something that she decides for herself. She isn't anybody's property, right?

[Clare] ……っ……


[Anri] 無理強いは嫌いだ。でも、ソヨンが歓喜の涙に暮れたいというのならば、ボクは全力でその願いに応えようとも。

I hate compulsion. However, if So-yeon says that she wants to cry tears of joy, I will do all I can to answer that wish.

[Narration] 杏里の言葉にクレアは怒りの色に染まった。

At Anri's words, Claire became stained with a hue of anger.

[Clare] 杏里さんなんて嫌いです!ソヨンちゃん行こう!

I hate you, Anri-san! So-yeon-chan, let's go!

[Narration] 少女たちの鋭い視線が、杏里に突き刺さる。しかし今の杏里の眼中にはソヨンの姿しかなく、他は気にもとめていない。

The sharp gazes of the girls pierced into Anri. However, nothing but So-yeon's figure was in Anri's eyes, and she did not acknowledge anything else.

[Narration] ソヨンもまた、正面から杏里を見つめ返す。

Again, So-yeon looked straight back at Anri.

[Soyeon] クレア……ううん、あたしはここに残らないと。杏里さんにお話があるの。

Claire…No, I have to sty here. I have something to speak with Anri-san about.

[Coe] ソヨンちゃあんっ


[Mirriela] ……行こう。どのみち、あたしたちじゃ、相談に乗ってあげられないみたいだ。

…Let us go. In any case, it seems that we cannot be consulted in this.

[Anri] うん……ありがとう。ミリエラ。

Yes…thank you. Miriella.

[Mirriela] ……そんなんじゃ……もし、ソヨンちゃんを傷つけたり、気持ちを踏みにじったりしたら、あたし先輩を許しません。

…That's not…If you hurt So-yeon-chan, if you walk all over her feelings, I won't forgive you.

[Mirriela] 誰がどう思おうと、です。軽々しく考えないでください。

Please don't think lightly of what whoever may think.

[Clare] あっ、ミリエラ、ちょっと!

Ah, Miriella, wait up!

[Coe] まってぇ


[Narration] ぷい、ときびすを返したミリエラたちを、杏里は目をすがめて見送った。

Anri watched Miriella and the others, who had spun on their heel, returning the way they came.

[Narration] 残った二人は、並んで庭園を歩きだす。

The two people left behind started walking the gardens, side by side.

[Narration] 頭ひとつ以上も小柄なソヨンは、杏里をふり仰いではにかんだ。

The petite So-yeon looked up at Anri, one head above her.

[Soyeon] えへへ……なんだか、どっちが面倒を見られているのかわからないや。

Ehehe…Somehow, I don't know which of us is being taken care of.

[Soyeon] ……すみません、杏里さん。元はあたしのお願いなのに。あの子たちだって、決して───

…I'm sorry, Anri-san. Even though it was originally a wish of mine, they never—

[Anri] うん、気にしてないさ。とってもいい子たちじゃないか。

I'm not worrying. Aren't they really good girls?

[Anri] ただ、かわいい娘に向かう時のボクは、いつだって真剣なんだけれど、なかなかそれを解ってもらえないなあ……

Just that, when I face cute girls, I'm always serious, but it seems that they don't understand that…

[Soyeon] え……


[Narration] ソヨンはまた目をぱちくりさせている。

Again, So-yeon blinked in surprise.
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