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[Narration] 杏里はポーラースター船内へくりだし、被害者候補の少女ファン・ソヨンの、ちいさなシルエットを求めた。

Anri set forth towards the interior of Polarstar, seeking the small silhouette of the one who would likely be a victim, the girl Fan So-yeon.

[Narration] 普段からあれだけ目立つ格好をしているソヨンが、いざ捜しはじめてみると、なかなか見つからない。

Normally, So-yeon dressed in a way which stood out, but trying to look for her now, she ended up not finding her.

[Anri] だからこの船が大きすぎるんだ!

This ship is way too big!

[Anri] 船内一周なんかしてたら日が暮れちゃうじゃないか。

If I go around this ship once, the sun would already set.

[Anri] ほら。もう正午の鐘が。

Look. It's already the noontime bell.

[Narration] 中庭を見おろす手すりに寄りかかり、杏里は頬杖をついた。

Leaning against the handrail looking down upon the central courtyard, Anri lay her head arm.

[Narration] 船の中央は円筒形の吹き抜けで「カリヨン広場」と呼ばれている。

The center of the ship was made up of a cylindrical passage through which the wind swept through, and was called the “Carillon Plaza”

[Narration] 広場にそびえる大鐘楼には、3オクターブの音階を奏でる大小34個のカリヨンが連なる。カリヨンとは、時刻をしらせる鐘のこと。

In the tall belltower which towered over the plaza, the 34 carillons of all sizes which sounded three octaves were lined up.

[Narration] この学園船では午前と午後の授業の予鈴、授業のはじまりと終わり、さらに正午と日没のあわせて8回。多彩なメロディを鐘は聞かせてくれる。

In this academy ship, the rings which signalled the morning and afternoon classes, the rings which signaled the beginning and end of those classes, and the rings which told of noon and sunset added up to eight rings. The bells let us enjoy a variety of melodies.

[Narration] りんごろん。りんごろん。りんごろん。

Clang. Clang. Clang.

[Narration] …………あのアンリエットが……………そんな淫らな…………あれだけ愛人をはべらせてまだ……

…That Henriette…that kind of lewd…to wait on your lover like that…

[Narration] まぶたを伏せて音に身をあずけていた杏里のもとへ、耳ざわりな不協和音が運ばれてきた。

A dissonant sound which hurt one's ears was brought to Anri, who had drooped her eyelids, leaving her body to the sound.

[Narration] ゴシップ好きのお嬢様たちの声だ。噂はもちろんレイプ暴行犯たる杏里のこと。

It was the voices of gossip-loving ojou-sama. The rumor, of course, was about Anri being guilty of rape.

[Narration] 聞こえよがしな話しぶりに、杏里はため息をつく。

At the conversation which was held in her hearing, Anri heaved a sigh.

[Narration] すっと振りかえり、持ち前の爽やかなほほえみを杏里が投げかけると、お嬢さまたちは頬を染め、ばつの悪い表情でそそくさと物陰に隠れてしまった。

Suddenly turning around, Anri flashed them a brilliant smile characteristic of herself, and cheeks flushed, they hurriedly hid themselves away, an awkward expression on their faces.

[Narration] 杏里は小さく肩をすくめた。

Anri shrugged her shoulders slightly.

[Anri] ふぅ……すっかり犯人あつかいだね。

Haah…I'm really being treated like a criminal, huh.

[Narration] そのうち、見おろす石畳の上に、まぶしいセーラー服の一団が現れた。ビジタークラスの学生たちだ。

At that moment, on the stone paved courtyard she looked down upon, a group in shining sailor uniforms appeared. It was the students of the visitor class.

[Narration] 中庭は新たな花壇が出現したかのように華やいだ。その中心にいたチョゴリ姿の少女が顔をあげ、杏里の姿を認めて目を輝かせた。

They were brilliant to the extent that it seemed a new flowerbed had appeared in the midst of the courtyard. A girl in a jeogori looked upwards, and recognizing Anri's figure, her eyes sparkled.

[Soyeon] 杏里せんぱーい!おはようございまーす!

Anri-senpai~! Good morning~!


It's Fan So-yeon!



[Anri] ノン! ちょっと呼び方がちがうよ!ファン・ソヨン!

Non! That mode of address is wrong! Fan So-yeon!

[Soyeon] あっ、そうでした。ごめんなさい杏里さーん!

Ah, that's right. I'm sorry, Anri-san~!

[Narration] 中庭から杏里を見あげ手を振るソヨンに、警備中のPSが眉をひそめる。

The PS on alert frowned at So-yeon, who looked up at Anri from the courtyard and waved her hand.

[Narration] 学園長やイライザのおかげで、かりそめの自由を得ているとはいえ、杏里が謹慎の身であることには違いない。

Though she had gained temporary freedom thanks to the principal and Eliza, Anri was unmistakably under guard.

[Narration] しっ、と口に指を当てソヨンを手招きする。

'Shhhh' Bringing her fingers to her lips, she gestured to So-yeon.

[Narration] こくりとうなずき、階上へ移動しようとするソヨン。少女の背には、子ガモの群のようにビジターズがずらずらと続いた。

Nodding, So-yeon went up the stairs. At her back, a line of visitors continued like ducklings.

[Anri] ワオ……すごいや。

Wow…That's amazing.

[Soyeon] おはようございます、杏里さん!こちらにいらしたんですね。

Good morning, Anri-san! You were over here, huh.


Time to run.

[Anri] 離脱!


[Narration] 杏里はくわっと目を見開くと、たちまちその場から駆けだした。

Anri widened her eyes and immediately sprinted away.

[Narration] 見上げた先から突然杏里が消えると、ソヨンたちは色めき立った。

Anri suddenly disappearing from their sight as they looked upwards, So-yeon and the others became slightly panicked.

[Soyeon] あっ! 待ってください、先輩!

Ah! Wait up, Senpai!

[Clare] 杏里先輩、逃げたぁ!

Anri-senpai ran away!

[Coe] おえー!

Chase her!

[Narration] コーのかけ声に合わせて、わあっ、と一斉にビジターズが駆けだす。

In reaction to Kou's voice, the visitors broke into a run altogether.

[Soyeon] ちょ、ちょっと、みんな!

Ev-everyone, wait!

[Narration] 大勢の少女に囲まれ、流されるようにソヨンも杏里を追いかける。

Surrounded by a large number of girls, So-yeon also chased after Anri as if she was flowing along in a stream.

[Soyeon] なに? なにごと?

What? What is this?

[Narration] 素早く一団を抜け出したミリエラは、キュッとブーツを鳴らして方向転換すると、空中庭園へつづく逆の階段へと向かう。

Miriella, who had quickly exited the group, made a sudden directional change, her boots screeching on the ground, running towards the stairs in the other direction which continued till the aerial garden.

[Anri] ふふっ、その場を離れると見せかけ、実は……わわっ!?

Fufu, she's pretending to leave there, but actually…Wa!?

[Narration] 階段を降りかけていた杏里は、階下で待ちかまえるミリエラにぎょっとした。

Anri, who was sprinting down the stairs, was shocked upon seeing Miriella, waiting at the bottom.

[Narration] そこへさらに背後から一団が迫る。

And furthermore, the group was approaching this place from behind.

[Anri] 挟みうち? や、やるな……

A pincer attack? The-they got me…

[Coe] おいつめたぞレイプはん!

Hey, you're surrounded, rapist!

[Mirriela] どうして逃げるんですか!?

Why did you run away!?

[Narration] ずいとミリエラが詰め寄ると、杏里は目線をそらして髪をかきあげる。

As Miriella drew nearer, Anri averted her eyes, brushing up her hair.

[Anri] ……魔が差したのさ。

I felt a sudden urge.

[Mirriela] 説明になってません!

That isn't an explanation.

[Clare] たいへーん、ミリエラ! PSが───

This is bad, Miriella! The PS is–

[Anri] わっ、ホントだ、来た!ちょっと借りるよ、クレア!

Uwaa, it's true, she came! Lend me this for a bit, Claire!

[Clare] わたしの帽子!

My hat!

[Narration] 杏里はクレアの帽子を拝借して、中腰になると、ビジターズの中に隠れてしまった。小声でソヨンに語りかける。

Anri borrowed Claire's hate, and bending down, she hid in the midst of the visitors. She spoke to So-yeon in a small voice.

[Anri] さあ、ソヨン! のぼってのぼって!親鳥が動かないと前に進まないよ?

Psst, So-yeon! Stand up straight! Don't go forward until the hen leaves the nest, alright?

[Soyeon] 杏里先輩!?


[Anri] おっ、隠れやすそうな場所発見。

Ooh, I've discovered an easy place to hide.

[Soyeon] うひゃっ、チマをめくらないでください!

Uwaah, don't tear my chima!

[Narration] 階段途中で騒ぎ立てるビジターたちを脇目にしながら、PSは杏里の姿を求めて降りていく。

Glancing at the visitors, making a racket in the middle of the stairs, the PS descended the stares, searching for Anri.

[Narration] ソヨンはひたすらに頭を下げて、それをやり過ごした。ビジターズは押しあいへしあいしながら、階上へと移動した。

So-yeon bent her head down earnestly, letting the PS walk by. As the visitors jostled each other, they moved up the stairs.

[Anri] かくまってくれてありがとう、ソヨン。

Thanks for hiding me, So-yeon.

[Anri] 危ないところだったよ。連中ときたら、ちょっとふざけたくらいで、すぐおとがめなんだもの。

That was dangerous. If I came with these guys, I'd immediately be blamed for flirting around with them a bit.

[Soyeon] いえそんなっ、先輩からお礼だなんて───

No, being thanked by Senpai is─

[Anri] ソヨン? 「せんぱい」はやめる約束だ。

So-yeon? You promised that you'd stop with 'Senpai'.

[Soyeon] そ、そうでした! すいません。えっと……おはようございます、杏里、さん?

Th-that's true! I'm sorry. Um…Good morning, Anri…san?

[Anri] うん。ボンジュール、ソヨン!でももう、お昼になってしまった。

Yep. Bonjour, So-yeon! It's already noon, though.

[Soyeon] あっ、いけない。朝からずっとお捜ししていたから……

Ah, that won't do. I've been looking for you all morning…
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