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Ongoing Anthology

  • Dolce (百合アンソロジー dolce) - published by Enterbrain, Inc. This is the yuri twin of Amaro magazine. Official website.
  • Yuri Hime Wildrose (百合姫Wildrose) - published by Ichijinsha, adult content. Discontinued after 6 volumes and relaunched as Girls Love. Relaunched in July 2013

Discontinued Anthology

  • Tsubomi Webcomic (つぼみwebコミック) - biweekly, online publication with short specials by authors featured in the Tsubomi magazine.
  • Yurikan (百合缶) - published by Kadokawa Contents Gate. Discontinued after 3 volumes in 2011.
  • Comic Lily (comicリリィ) - published by RICE RIVER COMICS. Discontinued after 5 volumes in 2010.
  • Yuri Hime S (百合姫S) - published by Ichijinsha, targeted towards a male demographic. Discontinued after 14 volumes and merged with Yuri Hime in 2010.
  • Girls Love - published by Ichijinsha, adult content. Discontinued after 2 volumes.
  • Petit Yuri Hime (Petit百合姫) - published by Ichijinsha, a special booklet that came with Yuri Hime 11, featuring mini-sequels to various series in the Yuri Hime magazines and other short stories.
  • Sayuri-hime (小百合姫) - published by Ichijinsha. A special mini-edition of Yuri Hime magazine with extremely short manga stories.
  • Yuri Shimai (百合姉妹) - published by Ichijinsha. Discontinued after 5 volumes and relaunched as Yuri Hime.
  • Yuri Shoujo (百合少女) - published by Cosmic Shuppan.
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