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General Translation Notes * The name roughly means “flower flakes”.

* The story is poorly edited and several scenes do not readily flow into one another. There's odd repetitions and inconsistencies between scripts, especially early on.

* Some parts of the text do not match voices, for example, once a character uses a honorific for another character that she never otherwise uses. The voice is correct, so that is the version used.

* Amane's voice actress adds a lot of cutesy, laughter, and more to her character's voice, which I tried to preserve.

* Though the original text is not exactly that impressive in this regard, I tried to give characters a bit of personality and color. This should make it easier to tell who's speaking in the Light Novel, which remains at times an unnecessarily messy read even with all this. - Kaori speaks somewhat harshly, especially to Amane due to tsundere, and I kept the girly “wa” she uses as a 'yes' or 'no' - this especially makes it easier to tell when she's speaking in the LN. - Amane is a mess. She's full of cutesy inflections, especially tending towards the cat-like, but turns formal at near-random. Note that she uses 'atashi' in the VN, but is a third-person person in the LN. - Koharu is clear and polite, and ends up generally stiff and formal in English. - Makoto is relatively curt and speaks a little more complex at times, but not really formally.

On the names:

羽村 佳織 Hanemura Kaori Last name: Wings, Village. Doesn't seem to have relevance. First name: Beautiful, Woven item. Fairly common, but kaori also means 'good smell'. There's a pun or two in the VN.

結城 あまね Yuki Amane Last name: Tied up, Fortress. Wonder if it has anything to do with how she's in a relationship with Kaori, who's very much an impenetrable fortress… or could refer to her hair. The reading is the same as the Japanese word for “snow”. First name: no kanji. It's not quite a pun, but very much reminds of amai: sweet, spoiled, naive.

藤堂 真琴 Toudou Makoto Last name: Wisteria, Temple. Nothing special I can see. First name: Pure, Harp. Fairly common.

魚住 小春 Uozumi Koharu Last name: Fish, Dwelling. Reminds of animals and habitats, I suppose. First name: Little, Spring (season). Although 'koharu' means “first month of Winter (generally November)”, due no doubt to the fact of Japan, there's some puns on her nickname Haru, meaning Spring.

Neither Koharu nor Makoto's last names are ever used in either the VN or the LN.

Specific translation notes Or rather, links to better explanations.

* Katsu!

* Gap Moe

* Soboro

* Kamaboko

* Onigiri

* Katsuobushi

* Kombu

* Eagles and Hawks

* The character from that donut franchise

* Bean jelly

* Rice jelly

* Medal game

* Napolitan

* Taiyaki

* Crab Hold

Tech Notes * There are some unused doll variants inside the game files, mostly characters with their hair down in their uniforms. There's also a requester for returning to the extras menu, which is used in other SonoHana game to back away from the replay of sex scenes (which Hanahira! doesn't have).

* This is one of the few games using Ikura GDL and derivatives that runs correctly in full screen for me rather than refusing to scale and ending up in a postage stamp in the center of the screen. With my graphics card I had issues with fullscreen flickering, however, and I had to disable CrossFire via RadeonPro - suppose the same will be for SLI or the like.


There's four choices in the whole VN. Picking the wrong choice among the first three always skips part of the text, so it's easy to see which are correct. If the first three choices aren't all picked correctly, then the game ends after Chapter 4. The fourth and final choice is beyond this cutoff and therefore does not matter. Neither selection really shows that much more text.

Choices: 1, 1, 2, [whatever you want].

Note that the major choices are dere, dere, tsun. That's about Kaori's dere to tsun ratio.

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